Paula Deen Destroyed Over Scurrilous Charges?



Photo of TV chef Paula Deen

[AP] Earlier this year, the media destroyed Paula Deen over a racial slur she admitted to making thirty years before. Within days, she lost her network show, most of her sponsors, and her reputation.

The media went wild over a transcript of her testimony in a lawsuit in which she admitted to using the ‘n’ word decades before when she told her father about a black robber.

She also said in her testimony that she wanted her brother to have a plantation wedding. She used the ‘p’ word.

A lot of other accusations flew around but most or all were fabricated.

This all began when Deen was sued by former employee Lisa Jackson who said Deen’s brother, Bubba Hiers, sexually harassed her and used racially insensitive language. Deen co-owns a restaurant with her brother.

Jackson is white and the judge found she had no standing to sue on racial bias.

An agreement has been reached between Jackson and Deen with both sides dropping the lawsuit “without any award of costs or fees to any party.” There are no other details.

That’s it.

After all this, there’s no case?

Deen said it’s been a difficult time and she wants to move forward from here. She promised to take a careful look at how employees are treated.

The complaints in the lawsuit weren’t even against Deen, they were against her brother.

Will the media apologize as loudly as they railed against her only months ago? Let’s not hold our breath.

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