Progressives, LaRaza, DNC, Unions, Have a Plan to Force Legalization


path to citizenship

Photo of migrants crossing the border illegally. Illegal crossings will prove to be a pathway to citizenship

The Progressives or Far Left have joined with Liberals in planning a massive push for illegal immigration reform this August and they are targeting Republicans in the House.

Immigration Reform means legalizing all people here illegally within months thereby eradicating the need for the term ‘illegal immigrant’ and it means no changes to border security. If the government wanted to secure the border they could and would do it now.

It also means millions of new Democratic voters. With chain migration, it will come to tens of millions, many of whom will need public assistance. There will be continued illegal immigration, thus assuring a Democratic rule – a one party rule – of the United States, in perpetuity.

That is why the Democrats, particularly statist Progressives, are behind this movement. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez said Wednesday that comprehensive immigration reform has the support of dozens of members of the Republican majority, Paul Ryan being one, and they enjoy the support of 195 Democrats. All immigration reform needs to pass the House is fewer than two dozen Republicans to reach 218.

Republicans will never win a presidency again once these unauthorized Democrats are citizens but they seem to not care about that fact for varying reasons.

During a presentation of the ‘Immigration Reform Summer’ campaign being pushed by LaRaza, Gutierrez said they will hold more than 360 events in 50 congressional districts in red and purple states during the August recess.

“We’re going to remember August as a month fundamental for immigration reform,” Gutierrez said.

Leftist unions will also infest Republican town halls, asking them if they support immigration reform, making note of every comment they can publicize.

“Speaker (John) Boehner and Republicans in the House are in for a big surprise this August recess. The broadest, most diverse coalition in America are ready to welcome them home,” Eliseo Medina, International Secretary-Treasurer of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), said at Wednesday’s event.

“From civic engagement activities, phone-banking and participating in town halls to continuing our ad campaign and rallying. They will include excursions, visits to congressmen, meetings, open air activities and ads in Hispanic media but if Republicans think they will reward them with votes afterwards, they are sadly mistaken.


“This is the beginning of a long, hot summer for the House of Representatives,” said Eliseo Medina of the Service Employees International Union, a labor union that supports the Senate’s immigration bill.

Brad Woodhouse president of Americans United for Change and a former DNC leader, said he wants supporters to confront the elected officials, ask them tough questions and record the exchanges.”

Americans United for Change, run by a another former DNC head, plans to send activists to Republican town halls in swing states and even red states. They will target people like Ted Cruz.

Jess George, the executive director of the Latin American Coalition in Charlotte, N.C., said “We have to turn up the heat.”

They have the money and they have the numbers of people willing to get out and bully, I mean rally.

Roy Beck, president of NumbersUSA, a group that advocates for limited immigration, hosted a teleconference with Reps. Steve King, R-Iowa, Steve Stockman, R-Texas, and Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., on Wednesday night to rally opponents to mobilize for the August recess. There were 40,000 people on the call.

Beck has 2 million members of his own that he hopes to mobilize in opposition.

The Progressives want to send the strongest message possible to House Republicans about illegal immigration. They want a comprehensive package that includes a path to citizenship. Once they get a bill, Democrats will manipulate it into whatever they want as they did with every other bill such as Obamacare.

The ‘hot’ summer has already begun.

On Thursday, dozens of leaders in the illegal immigration movement were arrested for blocking an intersection in the nation’s Capitol to protest Republican opposition to a bill like the Senate immigration bill which gives a path to citizenship to at least 11 million people here illegally and their children and parents.

They were chanting “Si, se puede” – “Yes, we can,” at the time of their arrests. Another group protested at Boehner’s office.