Proof – Obama Will Endanger National Security to Close GITMO


In order to shut down GITMO, Barack Obama is willing to put anyone and everyone in danger. He has released terrorists to South America where they can stir up trouble and are now demanding the US support them. He has released them all over the world where they can plan attacks against the US. He has exchanged dangerous militants for a deserter while ignoring our soldier imprisoned in Iran. He is about to release a 9-11 terrorist and other dangerous terrorists who seek to destroy us. National security be damned.

Mohammad Slahi is tied to the 9-11 attack. He is also tied to the Hamburg cell and the Millennium bomb plot which targeted the LA airport but he is going to be released.

He had been deemed as highly likely to return to the fight by the Bush Administration.

Outrageously, State Department spokesperson Marie Harf said Slahi is “entitled” to being reviewed for release or as the administration calls it – “transfer.” She claims it is valid as an interagency process.

Any distortion of the truth will suffice to justify the actions of this administration, no matter how radical, no matter how deceitful, no matter how dangerous.


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