Protests, Riots, Amoral Media, Malicious Prosecution in Zimmerman Case



Branco cartoon via legal insurrection

Sunday is National Blackout Day according to Trayvon Martin supporters with marches and riots taking place in major cities throughout the nation, including Oakland, LA, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., along with several other cities.

According to the Inquistor, about 10,000 marched in New York City. By late evening, protestors had clashes with police. They plan to march for a total of 48 hours. They are marching to Harlem from Times Square chanting “no justice, no peace” and “the system is rotten, it killed Trayvon Martin.”

Weasel Zippers reports that Trayvon Martin rioters in LA closed down the LA Freeway, throwing rocks and bottles at police who are firing rubber bullets. There are street fights breaking out. Three police cars are trapped and requesting backup. There is a citywide tactical alert.

Several hundred protested in Chicago and Denver.

In Oakland, says policy mic, participants rioted with window-smashing, flag burning and other forms of vandalism, including aggressive graffiti declaring “Kill Zimmerman” and “F*ck the Police.”

They are comparing Trayvon Martin to Emmet Till and Medgar Evers in an enormous break from reality.

Mark O’Mara, one of the defense attorneys called out the press:

Huckabee’s commentary during his show Sunday evening:

Alan Dershowitz addressed the outrageous conduct of the prosecutor in this case, Angela Corey, who kept exculpatory evidence from the defense and from the Grand Jury who indicted George Zimmerman. When Alan Dershowitz criticized her early in the case, she contacted Harvard where he is a Professor and demanded he be reprimanded:


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