“Redskins” BANNED In An Entire State!


The enjoyment that came from cheering for the Redskins is coming to an end.


The entire state of California BANNED the word “Redskins”. Governor Jerry Brown signed an actual law banning the word Sunday and it will go into effect January 1st. It doesn’t affect that many schools since only a handful of districts use it but what they’ve essentially done is made the word taboo for anyone. Maybe the Redskins should refuse to use the names of California’s teams when they play them – call them Team A, B, C…

An archaic and rare definition of the word “redskins” was dredged up by the left and is now being used to destroy the name of a team that loved to dress up in headdresses and cheer for an Indian team.

Only four public schools use the mascot and will be the only ones affected.

It used to be that 80% of Native Americans were not offended by the word, but it seems those numbers are growing as the left makes it an issue.

The National Congress of American Indians said this should be a “shining example” for the rest of the country.

The bill is called the California Racial Mascots Act. The left is calling it the “R” word.

The U.S. Patent Office agreed last year that the nickname is “disparaging of Native Americans” and canceled the Washington pro football team’s federal trademark protection.

The US Patent office’s canceling of the Washington Redskins trademark is a violation of the First Amendment. It’s a free speech violation. Are we going to ban offensive speech now? Who gets to decide what is offensive?

The patent office has decided to take away private property rights without any legal right to do so and they are doing it because a very small minority of people and people like Harry Reid don’t like the name that more than 90% used to believe is a perfectly acceptable name.

The patent office singled out the Washington Redskins and ignored teams with names like Redskinettes, Sassy Bitch, and The Hymies. In this country, they can’t do that, not even Harry Reid.

There are other Redskins who aren’t losing their patent: Redskin, Redskinettes, The Redskins, and so on.

In June, Dirty Harry Reid said this:

“The Redskins no longer have trademarks. They are gone,” the Nevada Democrat said. “Daniel Snyder may be the last person in the world to realize this, but it’s just a matter of time until he is forced to do the right thing and change the name.”

“Snyder says it’s about tradition. I ask, what tradition? A tradition of racism. That’s all that that name leaves in its wake,” Reid continued. “The writing is on the wall. It’s on the wall in giant, blinking, neon lights.”

The Redskins have been in this place before. The patent office did the same thing 15 years ago but in a 2003 decision, a federal court ruled that there was insufficient evidence to indicate that Native-Americans were disparaged by the name.

Unfortunately, now the Native Americans are on board and a word that was offensive more than a hundred years ago is now banned – BANNED!


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