Samantha Power: USA Has to Give Up a ‘Pinch of Sovereignty’



Photo of the global president, Barack Obama, sitting on top of the world

If your hackles just went up when you read the title of this article, that’s a good sign. The message – you have to give up just a ‘pinch of sovereignty’ – comes from Socialist chick, Samantha Power, our new UN Ambassador. She is married to Socialist and former science czar Cass Sunstein.

Samantha is an anti-semitic, far-left extremist who wants to see the USA sign treaties that surrender our sovereignty to the UN. The UN is comprised of Socialists and dictators.

Those treaties and agreements would include the Arms Trade TreatyTPP Agreement, Agenda 21, the UN CRPD, the ITULOST, UN Rights to Your Childa UN global tax, UN Space Code, the UN International Criminal Court, et al.

All of the above are Obama far-left initiatives and all of them cede what they would call a ‘pinch of sovereignty’ to the UN. It’s far more than a pinch, however.

This administration wants us to abandon the USA as an individual, sovereign nation and embrace the global, one-world philosophy. It is a very dangerous concept.

This ideology is why we see our borders evaporating with full-scale illegal immigration being welcomed. It is why Obama has no problem sending companies like GM and GE overseas. It is why Obama has diminished our influence in the world. It is why we won’t recognize the USA soon.

Samantha Power was approved without even a whimper from Republicans. She received 87 votes despite the fact that we heard Republicans would fight her nomination.

Ted Cruz was one of the few Senators who opposed the Power nomination.

He wrote:

Today I voted to oppose the nomination of Samantha Power to be Ambassador to the United Nations. My opposition to her nomination comes down to one word: sovereignty.

I have seen firsthand how treaties and conventions negotiated at the United Nations and elsewhere can have unintended consequences for the United States when I represented Texas before the US Supreme Court in successfully arguing that no President has the authority to force a state to comply with an order from the United Nations and the International Court of Justice.

Samantha Power’s positions on the United Nations suggest she agrees with President Obama in giving the United Nations authority over fundamental rights, such as our right to bear arms, and in allowing US taxpayer dollars to be used at the UN to undermine our ally, Israel.

In 2003, she wrote that “giving up a pinch of sovereignty” to organizations such as the UN is good for the United States and our security.

There is no higher national security principle than defending American sovereignty, especially at the United Nations, where it has been demonstrated time and time again that when it comes to authority over the United States, when you give the UN a pinch, they will take a mile.

Abandonment of US sovereignty means accepting a World government. The corrupt, Socialist UN eagerly awaits. They want to run the new government.

I can prove it.

They want to tax the world with a global tax they manage, a tax which will be especially punitive towards wealthier nations such as the USA. They want dominion over children – check out the UN CRPD and UN Rights to Your Child. They want control of the oceans with LOST and they even want to control Space. Heck, they want to control the Earth through Agenda 21.

Worse yet, they want to substitute our Constitution with their own International Criminal Court.

The UN Population Fund (UNFPA) supports China’s barbaric abortion laws and works closely with Planned Parenthood. The UN’s World Health Organization and Food & Agriculture Organization seeks to control the food supplies.

Power supports the UN doctrine of Responsibility to Protect (R2P). It states that sovereignty is a responsibility, not a right, and if any nation violates their precepts of governance, the international community has the moral obligation to revoke the nation’s sovereignty and assume control over that nation.

R2P sees every nation as a member of an international community to be governed by that community if they don’t fit into their norms. If a nation wants to go to war, they can only do so with the permission of the UN Security Council whose members include Cuba, Syria, Iran…well, you get the idea.

Under R2P, an idea formulated by the UN in 2005, every government entity has a role in the collective but it is the UN that will reign supreme.

The  Global Organization for the Responsibility to Protect is backed by the Soros Open Society.

Ban Ki Moon said fears are unwarranted. Moon said the UN would only intervene when the state is either allowing mass atrocities to occur, or is committing them, in which case the State is no longer upholding its responsibilities as a sovereign nation. If you trust Moon’s word, good for you.

Samantha Power believes in “global rebalancing” and an “international redistribution” of power.

America? Are you awake yet?



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