Shocking Obamacare Update: Still Unaffordable, Still Disastrous


The usual Obamacare problems continue and new ones have arisen.

Insurers say they still aren’t getting the accurate information from applicants.

The Attorneys General sent a letter to Mr. Obama asking him to require Czarina Sebelius to meet with them about the security issues on the website after she has repeatedly refused to respond to their multiple requests, except for a recent auto-response, which is nothing less than insulting.

The IRS can’t afford to implement Obamacare. According to Reuters, the IRS Chief John Koskinen said they do not have the funds to implement it.


Branco cartoon via Legal Insurrection

A recently released audit by the Inspector General stated that the IRS misplaced $67 million meant to fund the implementation.  The audit report by the Inspector General titled, Affordable Care Act: Tracking of Health Insurance Reform Implementation Fund Costs Could be Improved, reported  that “The IRS did not track all costs associated with implementation of the ACA including costs not charged to the HIRIF. Specifically, the IRS did not account for or attempt to quantify approximately $67 million of indirect ACA costs incurred for Fiscal Years 2010 through 2012.”

The IRS added it will not be able to compute the costs of Obamacare implementation because they do not compute indirect costs associated with Obamacare. HOW CONVENIENT!

The Republicans will not give the IRS additional funding, especially given the fact that the IRS targeted Conservatives and lied about it, which leaves Koskinen with the problem of actually having to look for waste. He says it will harm programs. leaving one to wonder if he will cut something we need to get funding.

“The ACA program will be funded … If our budget continues to shrink other things may have to go by the wayside,” he told reporters at the IRS headquarters in Washington.

Meanwhile, sick and dying people are losing their health insurance and many are forced into substandard or expensive plans. The Administration doesn’t care. They only care about the politics and forcing Obamacare into the fabric of society. They only care about getting people on entitlements, which is what much of Obamacare will be with most signing up for Medicaid.

The Administration’s only goal is to get more people enrolled. That’s a quote. They said it can’t fail which means they will keep changing the rules when problems arise. They are doing whatever they want to make it work. They are changing “the law of the land” without much resistance.

The administration is now touting the slowed rate of increase of healthcare. However, it is still costing $2.8 trillion dollars. Overall, healthcare costs have risen from 2010 to 2012. Obamacare is not fully implemented until this year and there is no possible way to know if it is lowering costs unless their crystal ball is working.

Medicare is still going up about 4% each year.

If the math doesn’t add up, premiums go up and it will mean higher taxes for all of us.

There are cases heading to the Supreme Court of the United States and the Attorneys General will likely sue. All these cases will get to the Supreme Court years from now.



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