Sonic Tells Customers to Chew on This


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A Sonic franchise in Missouri is putting out Bible verses with their takeout orders. In a town in Missouri, the franchise operators printed Bible verses on receipts but, after being criticized, they didn’t give in, they just switched to stickers on the bags which they say are put there by their franchises.

They used to slip them into the creases of their takeout bags.

A spokesperson for the Sonic corporation said that they are not considered a Christian-based business but the individual franchisees are free to do their own thing.

“We don’t have a policy backing this. It’s the decision by the franchisee that owns and operates that specific drive in,” said Jason Acock from Sonic’s corporate headquarters.

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Twitter polls appear to be evenly split on the issue between yay, nay, and don’t care.

One person tweeted, “Separation of Church and Shake?” while a tweet another commenter said she “felt violated”. Still another says, “gotta love that they put bible verses on their bags” and one man said, “it made my day.”

Maybe everyone should just chill. People don’t have to read it.


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