States Fight EPA’s Egregious End-Runs Around Congress


Scott Pruitt photo of Oklahoma AG Scott Pruitt

hat tip to Gary Spina for the story

Oklahoma’s AG Scott Pruitt said that Oklahoma is one of a number of states fighting back against the EPA regulations. Pruitt said there is something called sue-and-settle, a power-grabbing process that circumvents Congress.

This is how it works. The EPA will be sued by Sierra Club or some other radical environmental group, then shortly thereafter, the EPA confesses to guilt and agrees to things Congress didn’t mandate.

They are using the judicial process to make themselves do things the law doesn’t require, affecting states all over the country, Oklahoma in particular.

The DOJ and EPA should be vigorously defending these cases but why would they? It gives them the power to do what they want.

The settlements are costing states a great deal, yet they do not have a say in the negotiations that will significantly impact them.

Several states have banded together in a coalition and have sent FOIA requests which have gone unanswered.

The EPA is very, very powerful and they are doing end-runs around Congress with the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts. They run over the law, ignore the law and manipulate the law. The states coalition won in one such case of abuse. The rule would have cost citizens 20% in their power bills when the economy is doing poorly.

No regulation is free!

Click the link to view the video states fight back against EPA Regulations