Syrian Jihadists, Coming to America?


Thousands of Syrian refugees will be let into the United States in the latest policy reversal by the Obama administration according to The Cable.. The media has been silent on the issue.

Syrian jihadists

Photo of Syrian jihadists

There is no question that jihadists will sneak in. The Obama administration is incapable of properly vetting these people. To start, only the most vulnerable will be allowed in but once in, terrorist relatives can easily gain entry.

Referrals will come from the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees. How reassuring! (Sorry for the sarcasm)

They will all be on welfare as soon as they arrive. Immigrants brought in seeking asylum are given welfare. They will be unable to be self-sufficient for some time and in many cases, indefinitely.

For now, Obama is allowing 2,000 refugees into the country and they will be screened over the next four months. Aid workers hope to speed up the timetable.

We will take in as many as 80,000 refugees in total this year, more than any other nation.

Humanitarian efforts are important but given the nature of the Syrian rebels, we should not be admitting any Muslims in from any of these terrorist nations at this time. We should be looking to admit persecuted Christians not potential jihadists.


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