Tennessee Parent Is Too Annoying at School, Gets Arrested


Jim Howe, 40, attempted to pick his children, ages 8 and 14, from South Cumberland Elementary School in Tennessee and ended up being arrested instead by School Resource Officer Avery Aytes.

The dispute arose over a changed school policy. The school used to let parents park in the lot and go into the school to pick up their children. They changed the policy to require parents to wait in their cars. The cars stretch about a mile on the busy highway. Mr. Howe doesn’t want his children walking along the road.

Howe sees it as a safety concern and wants to come into the school and pick up his children, one is handicapped, but the safety officer said he would be arrested if he continued to make the demand.

The school wanted Howe to sign a release form that allowed the children to walk on their own and he refused because he wants to walk with them for safety reasons. The officer threatened to arrest him repeatedly but Mr. Howe wasn’t leaving without his children and that’s when the officer-of-sorts arrested him.

parent arrested

There was a prior incident in which Mr. Howe’s handicapped daughter was left in the school for an hour-and-a-half crying in front of her peers.

The first video shows the first confrontation in which the safety officer had claimed Mr. Howe was confrontational.

The second video shows the arrest and what led up to it.

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The first interaction:


The arrest:


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