The Obaman Legacy


Gary Spina

When the final history of the United States of America is written, the name Obama will have transmuted from a proper noun to a common noun – much the same as the name Quisling – carrying with it all the enduring shame, infamy, and obloquy Obama will have brought upon himself, upon his legacy, and sadly, upon his race.

Of course, you live by the sword and you die by the sword, and Obama has based his presidency on race, class envy, victimology, and a perverted “them against us” philosophy.  Obama’s legacy will be that of a profligate, racist black man who took our great nation down the road to near destruction by his hate-America – “get even with the white man” and “topple the rich” socialist ideology.  And, as for his contribution to black America, Obama has done immeasurable harm to his race, setting back civil rights a hundred years with his lies, his thuggery, his “Chicago way” of destroying people who oppose him – and with his total disdain for our Constitution and the traditional American values we hold dear.  Sadly, there are many Americans who will never again vote a black man into power.

All patriotic Americans of all races, had better hope Mitt Romney chooses somebody like Allen West as his vice-presidential candidate – and hope that the Romney-West administration is successful, fair, honest, and has the courage and wisdom to heal America’s wounds – the deep, raw wounds inflicted by a flagitious hate-mongering man.  Maybe then, when it’s his time, Allen West will himself run for the presidency and Americans will again – and with a renewed confidence – vote a black man into power.

You may not agree with all of the things Allen West says or does, but Allen West is an honest man of high intellect and courage who loves America – all we were and all we can be again.  God, help America, I pray I’m right.



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