The Truth About the Murder At Sunset & Vine – No Sign of Jihad


Described by neighbors as unstable, Tyler Brehm appears to have gone on a shooting spree because he snapped. On December 9th, Tyler Brehm went to Sunset & Vine armed, prepared to die and to take others with him, an event possibly connected to a recent breakup with a girlfriend. He might have been taking drugs.

Brehm shot at random people, yelling Allah Akbar, according to one witness, which could have been what he heard or not. There is no available evidence the shooting was linked to a Jihadist motive or even that Brehm was Muslim, which is one of the reasons I am publishing this story. A number of Internet sites are claiming Brehm was a Jihaidist when there is no evidence of that. Disappointingly, one of the sites is Atlas Shrugs.

When the media becomes so PC that threats by Islamic terrorists are covered up, the media needs to be exposed, but when there is scant evidence of an Islamic attack, bloggers must report this with due diligence.

Tyler Brehm had recently broken off from his girlfriend, Alicia Alligood, who, according to the Daily Mail, received a text from him hours before the shooting saying he loved her.

Alicia Alligood and Tyler Brehm Broke Up 4 Days Prior to the Shooting

Alligood said he recently met a pharmaceutical saleswoman who had given him some kind of pills. She said he was a humanitarian and ran a non-profit organization, which she refused to name. Tyler Brehm posted on Facebook that he supported the “Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform” and he liked Lawrence Treat mystery novels. He worked at Hollywood area marijuana dispensaries. The non-profit organization Alligood referred to was Building Botswana according to his Facebook post.

At about 2:42 into the video, a witness says the shooter was yelling “Allahu Akbar” as he shot people walking and driving by. Other witnesses said he shouted I want to die, I’m going to die, and do you have more ammo? It is scant evidence of much of anything other than he was a madman.

His murder victim was the successful John Atterberry, 40, former VP of Death Row records, who was making the switch from music to movies, and was in the process of making a Christian film. He was shot in the head, jaw and chest while sitting in his Mercedes. Conscious while being taking into the ambulance, he later died at the hospital.

John Atterberry Posing with Dick Cheney

In a Facebook post, Atterberry’s older sister Cynthia described her loss, “Today I lost my JOHN, my baby, my guardian angel, my protector, my little brother at 3:00 p.m. I do not understand now nor will I ever is why such a senseless act of violence was inflicted upon such a GOD-fearing, kind, compassionate, loving individual.”

Officer Cotter and Detective Marquez, who reportedly had been at a nearby movie set, confronted Brehm and ordered him to drop his gun. When Brehm pointed his gun at the officers, they fired their weapons, stopping Brehm from continuing his deadly assault. The actions of Officer Cotter and Detective Marquez exemplify the highest level of courage by police officers during extraordinary circumstances.Tyler Brehm died at the scene of his killing spree.

If anything, this killing is more an indictment of drugs and cannabis than it is of any religious motive.