This Is For Those Who Wonder What Side John McCain is On


john and hill

It appears that John McCain, who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary was a Benghazi-disaster, invited her to his desert retreat for a highfaluting conversation about leadership values.

How timely for the Democratic presidential hopeful to be applauded on leadership by a so-called Republican. He likes to call his fellow Republicans ‘wacko birds’ and ‘clowns’.

Hillary, who destroyed Libya, will appear on stage Saturday with McCain at the Sedona Forum, an annual festival hosted by the McCain Institute for International Leadership at Arizona State University.

She will appear with national and international leaders of renown from all walks of life and talk about ideas.

In a statement released Thursday, McCain called Clinton “my friend” and praised her public service career.

“From her years of service as first lady, in the U.S. Senate and the State Department, one would be hard-pressed to find a leader with Secretary Clinton’s informed perspective on the many challenges facing America across the globe,” McCain said.

Jeb Bush did something similar when he invited her to receive a prestigious award. He gave her the Liberty Medal – this woman who wants to take our freedoms away – in February, 2015. That also bombed with many of his fellow Republicans.

McCain likes to say he has nothing to do with the McCain Institute, especially when they take $1 million from Saudi Arabia as a nonprofit.

Federal law strictly bans foreign contributions to electoral campaigns, the restriction doesn’t apply to nonprofits engaged in policy, even those connected to a sitting lawmaker.

Groups critical of the current ethics laws say that McCain’s nonprofit effectively gives Saudi Arabia — or any other well-heeled interests — a means of making large donations to politicians it hopes to influence, Bloomberg reported.

Perhaps John and Hillary have more in common than we know.


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