Three Suspects Arrested in Connection with Boston Bombing – Update


115th Boston Marathon photo of Boston Marathon runners immediately before the bombing via sbnation


Update: 15:55: Azamat Tazhayakov  (left in Times Square photo below) and Dias Kadyrbayev appear in the photo below with Dzhorkhar Tsarnaev. They have been under detention and will continue under voluntary detention until a hearing on May 15th. The third suspect is Robel Phillipos of Cambridge, Mass. All three are 19-years old.

Fox News owns this story because of the outstanding investigation by Catherine Herridege and because they are willing to report it factually.

The men discarded Dzhorkhar’s backpack with fireworks and computer after the bombing. The backpack also included vaseline which one of the suspects took from the room and threw in the backpack.

The three men under arrest appear to have been protecting their friend as accessories after the fact, however, it does give evidence to the fact that people can be recruited without much effort.

One of the suspects was in the country illegally when he withdrew from school.


Update: 15:00: Two of the three suspects are from Kazakhstan and will be charged with obstruction of justice after the fact and lying to the Feds. The other suspect is American and is believed to “have done bad things.”

TimesSq Dzhorkhar
In this photo via FoxNews, Dzhorkhar is standing with two of the men who are under arrest. They are directly to his right.

These are the men who had a car with a license plate “Terrorista.”

These two men knew, one month prior to the Boston attack, that Dzhorkhar knew how to make a bomb (by Dzhorkhar’s own admission). They lied to the Feds, one lied repeatedly. They told the Feds they didn’t know it was Dzhorkhar, but after the bombing, they rushed over to Dzhorkhar’s apartment and took Dzhorkhar’s computer and backpack instead of calling police. They threw the items in the garbage.

The backpack has been retrieved from the landfill recently searched by the FBI.

One of the individuals has an immigration violation. He had his immigration withdrawn and restored but he was not picked up and deported.


Update: 12:13: Two of the three arrested are men from Kazakhstan and were Dzhorkhar’s classmates at UMassDartmouth though they were no longer in school.

The two men took computers and other items from Dzhorkhar’s room and tried to get rid of them. No other information right now.


Original Story: 4/1/13: 11:30: The lone wolf bombing in Boston might now include a possible 5 lone wolves. Three more suspects have been arrested. More details to follow. It is possible these three are not involved of course.

The Obama administration’s narrative that this was a lone wolf, and then two lone wolves – and which was fomented by the lamestream press – is not going to fly.

The NY Times and other liberal outlets have been humanizing the terrorists, depicting them as lost and lonely immigrants. The way their version goes is that the older one’s dream was squashed by the US and the other one was just young and loyal.

The arrests should remind us of the Benghazi attack on 9/11/12. The administration refused to classify it as a terror attack. Don’t forget the other attacks including the young Army recruiter in Arkansas and the Ft. Hood victims – those were classified as workplace violence.

President Obama wants us to believe that he destroyed al Qaeda with the death of Osama bin Laden which is absurd even on the face of it.

Tamerlan was seen with insurgents while in Russia last year, according to locals. He tried to join an insurgent group in 2011. His YouTube channel of violent and bloody anti-American videos linked to the Northern Caucasus website – the Northern Caucasus is an al Qaeda affiliate. The bombs used were duplicates of the types of IED’s used in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, etc. and not like the bomb described in the Inspire magazine.

If the media really needs to assume, they should assume there are worldwide connections.

Al Qaeda continues to morph and spread. Contrary to what some would have us believe, I think they will spread no matter what we do – they live as if it were the year 700.


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