Tsarnaev Brothers: Possible Terrorist Connections



CNN photo of Doku Umarov, self-described emir of the Russian North Caucasus

Catherine Herridge of Fox News reported that the FBI is looking into any relationship the Tsarnaev brothers might have had to the North Caucasus jihadists. The FBI is investigating the Tsarnaev’s connection to the Caucasus Emirate movement led by feared warlord Doku Umarov. They are especially interested in the Vilayat Dagestan offshoot of Umarov’s group. This group falls under the umbrella of the North Caucasus jihadists.

Chechnya is one of the most violent Islamic regions of Russia. Umarov is Russian’s public enemy #1. Umarov claimed responsibility for two metro bombings and the Moscow airport attack.

The commander of this group has denied involvement. [Google News]. However, there is no upside to them admitting it with our successful drone program looming as a threat. The Caucasus alleges that they are only waging war against Russia, not the United States of America. They claim it is Russian propaganda not reality. [This is the mujahedeen we are talking about]

On Friday, the FBI issued a statement saying that they interviewed Tamerlan in 2011 at the request of the Russian government. The Russians said they believed Tamerlan was “a follower of radical Islam and a strong believer.” One Russian report said that the father Anzor kicked Tamerlan out of the house because he was becoming a radicalized Islamist.

The FBI found nothing at the time and are re-investigating.

The Council on Foreign Relations says that, “According to the U.S. State Department, the Islamic International Peacekeeping Brigade is the primary channel for Islamic funding of the Chechen guerillas, in part through links to al-Qaeda-related financiers on the Arabian Peninsula.”

The historical connections between Chechen terrorists, Saudi Arabian Wahhabis, Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda are detailed at Money Jihad.

Tamerlan’s youtube channel linked to the Northern Caucasus. He also drove a Mercedes despite not having a job. He also spent six months traveling around Russia last year.

It appears that the elder Tsarnaev brother, Tamerlan, was possibly radicalized first. However, to say Dzhokhar is merely the 19-year old follower is a mistake.

Dzhokhar left a bomb at the feet of an eight-year old. He knowingly executed a police officer. He and his brother hurt and maimed over 170 people. He is intelligent and aware.

To escape, Dzhokhar backed up his car over his brother though he was still alive and drove the car through the police line. He abandoned the car fully armed, with every intention of killing again.

Dzhokhar was seen smiling on video as he walked with the bomb he was about to use to murder and maim. In fact, it was Tamerlan who looked serious and nervous, not Dzhokhar.

Dzhokhar uploaded at least two of the violent videos on his brother’s pro-al Qaeda youtube channel. He tweeted his 9/11 Truther beliefs and partied two days after the bombing. Within hours of the bombing, he deceitfully tweeted, “Ain’t no love in the heart of the city, stay safe people.”

The Tsarnaev brothers dragged bombs around without blowing themselves up. They had an arsenal of weapons. They were most likely trained and prepared, both of them. There is a possibility that they were given support from a larger terrorist network. This is not about the Chechen separatist movement, it is about violent jihad.


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