U.N.-Led EPA Condemns Congress for Interfering With Their Fiats


EPA head Gina McCarthy

The Republican Congress is trying to “interfere” with a U.N.-EPA climate mandate that will eventually put an end to coal-fired power plants in the United States. Some top Democrats in Congress and the EPA are demanding the Congress not “interfere” with the EPA as the EPA itself oversteps its role as a government agency.

As the EPA basically writes legislation, something only Congress is allowed to do under our Constitution, our Congress is supposed to sit down and take it, even though it will seriously harm the economy of coal states and destroy an untold number of jobs.

Rep. Frank Pallone, a NJ Democrat, does not want to allow those states reliant on coal to opt out of the new EPA climate change rule which conforms to U.N. cap and trade rules, currently not followed by such pollution-producers as China, Russia, India and so on.

He bashed a bill that injects a little common sense into the EPA’s radical approach to destroying coal production in the United States.

In actuality what we have is Democratic members of Congress demanding the power of the EPA supersede that of the Congress.

The EPA is an unelected and unaccountable agency that is usurping the powers of Congress. Republicans in Congress are trying to pass a bill that adds some logic to the forced, immediate closures of most coal-fired plants in the United States.

The hill only reported the criticisms of the bill by Democrats.

In prepared testimony, Janet McCabe, who heads the EPA’s air pollution office, called the bill an “unprecedented interference” into the agency’s regulatory authority under the Clean Air Act.

Congress is interfering by doing their job of trying to rein in an out-of-control bunch of tyrannical pencil pushers doing the bidding or a lawless president!

The Clean Air and Clean Water Acts as being used to take control of the land, water and air in the United States.

The Whitfield bill, which they are all so concerned about, would delay the EPA’s rule until all court challenges are finished. It would also allow state governors to block any compliance plan under the rule for a number of reasons, like a determination that it would increase electricity rates or harm electric grid reliability.

In other words, the bill is asking to delay irreversible damage by the EPA until the Supreme Court can determine whether or not the EPA is breaking the law.

But as the hill article states, “The top Democrat [Pallone] on the House Energy and Commerce Committee joined the Environmental Protection Agency Monday in criticizing the House GOP’s efforts to weaken the Obama administration’s climate rule for power plants.”

The Obama climate rule is another “law” issued by Obama. He too does not have law-making authority.

By 2016, the number of coal plants shuttered will amount to 10% less energy for the United States. Coal is our cheapest form of energy. The administration would not even allow research into cleaner coal. Oil is next up. Obama’s failed clean-energy is not clean but he is out of touch and he is ruling unilaterally.

This is a one-size-fits-all mentality and it is being done in line with the climate change mandates of the U.N., amounting to the U.N. superseding our Congress, the rights of states, and the wishes of the American people. This administration thinks we are at war with the climate and can somehow win such a war. They want a global administration, not a U.S. Constitution.