U.S. Citizenship Is Being Sold And That’s Okay


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This must be okay because little is being done.

Jerry Zhou advertises “California Baby Care” in China and invites other foreigners from ‘around the world’ according to his website which advertises in Chinese. His entire website is dedicated to pregnant women who want to give birth in the U.S.

Not to simply pick on the Chinese. This involves most of the world’s countries. It’s big business.

Mr. Zhou has two houses which are actually hotels that care for mothers in the last month or two before they give birth and immediately after. These hotels aren’t in China, they are in San Francisco. The child or children are born U.S. citizens, eligible for all benefits, including college benefits. They can also set up chain migration for their families.

Birth tourism is allegedly frowned upon but it’s rarely shut down. We have people from all over the world doing the same thing Mr. Zhou’s ‘guests’ are doing.

Mr. Zhou runs a popular tourist agency and business is booming but he won’t talk about it. He operates two hotels, one in San Jose that CBS knows about.

It costs $3,000 to $4,000 a month for all care according to this agency though it can cost $50,000. Obviously that doesn’t pay for all care and the hospitals might get stuck with some of the expense.

In May, HuffPo ran a piece on the practice. Here’s a quote:

When Ma Fahong approached the immigration desk at Los Angeles International Airport, the customs agent had only two questions for her.

“Why are you coming to the U.S.?”

“I’m here to have a baby.”

“How much cash do you have on you?”

“I only have $1,000 in cash, but I have a debit card with much more in the bank.”

Passport stamped. Welcome to Los Angeles.

A similar operation was being run in Southern California and was raided in March. The ‘guests’ were skipping out on thousands of dollars in hospital birthing services, which isn’t surprising when the entire operation is set up to help foreigners manipulate and exploit U.S. resources and generosity.

The ‘guests’ are lying about why they are coming and that is fraud. Why his hotels haven’t been shuttered is perplexing.

“The organizers of these birth tourist hotels have figured out how to game the system,” said Jon Feere with the Center for Immigration Studies, a conservative research foundation.

“If you tell our visa processors that you are here to visit Disneyland when in reality you are here to give birth, that does constitute fraud,” Feere said.

Bill Hing, an immigration law professor at the University of San Francisco said, “There is no regulation that prohibits a woman from coming to the U.S. to give birth.”

Some are being arrested as fugitives.

Aside from lying about why she’s coming, maybe this is why we need a law limiting birthright citizenship to legal residents of the U.S., something Democrats are fighting against. They just can’t give away the citizens’ money and rights to citizenship fast enough.

One out of every ten births in this country is accounted for by anchor babies.

CBS Local San Fran

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