US Economy In The Dumper & Michael Bloomberg Fights Guns


The economy of the United States is on the verge of total collapse and one of the richest men in the country thinks gun control is the #1 issue.  And, to that end, he’s pledging $12 million of his own dollars to fight the Constitution.  What’s wrong with this picture?

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is a billionaire many times over so $12 million is little more than pocket change for him, but he thinks if he succeeds in neutering the Constitution it will be money well spent.

Bloomberg has a worthy opponent – two of them, in fact.

(AP Photo)  Michael Bloomberg (L) and Wayne LaPierre (R) Set To Go Toe-To-Toe In A Challenge To The Second Amendment.

The initital announcement, covered by Fox News:

“NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre on Sunday challenged New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to spend $12 million on ads meant to pressure senators into backing strict new gun control measures, saying Bloomberg “can’t buy America.”

Bloomberg’s pro-gun control group Mayors Against Illegal Guns is launching the campaign in states where senators may be on the fence regarding a package of firearms proposals making its way to the Senate floor — as the push for that legislation appears to falter.  Bloomberg confirmed Sunday that he plans to spend $12 million to run ads in at least 10 states, suggesting there could be a political price to pay for opposing the measures.

Making clear he intends to be a counterweight to the NRA, Bloomberg said he wants to make sure the powerful gun lobby is not “the only voice” in this debate.  If he can achieve that, Bloomberg said, “then I think my money would be well spent.”

 LaPierre bristled at Bloomberg’s comments.

“He can’t spend enough of his $27 billion to try to impose his will on the American public,” LaPierre said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”  “He can’t buy America.”

An elderly perspective:

Personally, I don’t care what Michael Bloomberg spends his money on.  It’s his money; he can do with it what he wishes.  This is, after all, America and he has that Right.

However, I do take strong exception to his use of statistical data that’s over a decade old, which suggests that 40% of all firearms sales in this country is of the private variety – meaning no background checks are involved and no paperwork is required.  Every retail gun shop owner I’ve spoken to (and there have been dozens over the years) thinks 40% is a “rigged number” to support a long range plan to disarm Americans.  In fact, most of them feel the number of private transactions is less than 10%.

Even more importantly, why would an incredibly rich man spend a dime – much less $12 million dollars – when he, of all people, should be keenly aware that the political party he supports is Hell bent on the economic collapse of the entire Nation?

Why isn’t Bloomberg working feverishly to restore his country to greatness by creating a business atmosphere conducive to a thriving economy?  Why is he supporting a proposal that – if passed – might very well lead to mass civil violence and bloodshed?  He has to know that is one potential result of his misguided actions!

Given what we know and from documented history, it’s pretty obvious what’s taking place.  The financial collapse of the country is looming like the iceberg that sank the Titanic and one of the final, desperate actions of a government about to go under is to raid/steal privately held money and precious metals from its people.  As recently as last week, the Country of Greece attempted to steal nearly 7% of privately held money and the result was quite predictable.  A vote strongly opposed to this action (suggested by the European Union) by the Greek government is about the only thing that kept her citizens from burning the Country to the ground.  As it was, the move prompted a major run on the banks as the people rushed to yank their money out of banks and other savings institutions.

The political stunt in Greece was a trial balloon of sorts for the US government.  If Greece had gotten away with it, you can believe the very same move would have been tried right here in the good ‘ole US of A.  And it may, yet.

With an announced plan to crank deficit spending into the stratosphere over the next four years by Barack Obama – by and through his Democrat controlled Senate – the odds of another major downgrade in US credit is almost certainly bound to take place.  The vicious cycle will quicken and the need to get their hands on the trillions of dollars privately held by Americans will become obvious and a “declared emergency”.

What better time to disarm the American public?

That, my friends, is what Mayor Bloomberg’s actions are all about.  He most certainly knows that legislating the problem away will have limited – if any – real effect, but it’s a step in the process that has to happen, otherwise a tyrannical government’s iron grip on the people is destined to fail.

Earlier, I mentioned a second worthy opponent to Michael Bloomberg’s actions.  That opponent is much stronger than the NRA or any political party.  That opponent is the real government of the United State of America – her people.  Folks just like you and me who will resist to whatever level is required in preventing any political entity from taking away our God-given Rights.

I hate to even think it might happen, but this is the very premise upon which this Country was created 236 years ago and the spirits of our Founders demand we stand and defend against “all enemies foreign and domestic”.

That time has come.


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