US Flees Benghazi as Brotherhood Attempts to Topple Libya’s Government



Libyan protesters attack the offices of Muslim Brotherhood-backed Party of Justice and Construction in Tripoli in July after a wave of assassinations and a prison break of over 1,000 terrorists. Getty Images

In another bad foreign policy move, Mr. Obama is pulling out key forces in Libya without arresting any of the suspects in the Benghazi terror attack. Many of the suspects are now working with the Muslim Brotherhood to topple the moderate, US-backed administration in Libya.

The US Response Team in charge of tracking suspects in the Benghazi attack is leaving Libya. They were also training Libyans to aid in the hunt and to defend themselves.

Suspects have been identified since November, and at least one has given numerous interviews to US reporters, but the administration has done nothing with the information sent by the team. The information had been sent to the State Department and the DOD who then forwarded the information to the White House who did nothing.

Holder said a few months back that they didn’t feel they had enough evidence to secure an indictment. The administration that likes to use drone warfare refused to drone the murderers of Ambassador Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Ty Woods Jr.

Some of the suspects in the Benghazi attack, members of Ansar al-Sharia, are assisting the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya in undermining the Libyan government.

Al-Qaeda will run Libya with the Muslim Brotherhood if this continues.

Libya is becoming even more dangerous with recent prison breaks, 1200 escaped in one break alone. The escapes are bi-weekly and there are daily assassinations.

Chances of our bringing the perpetrators to justice have come and gone. Holder’s sealed indictment is only worth the price of the paper it is printed on.

The Pentagon says that forces from Fort Bragg are staying and will take on the mission, an unenviable one at this point, also not believable.

According to Fox News, some of the sources report seeing former AFRICOM commander General Carter Ham tell former Libya Chief of Mission Laurence Pope that he could easily submit a plan to kill or capture the suspects, but “politics and fallout kept us from acting. To do an operation we have to have (Chief of Mission) and state approval. We didn’t get it. … They sat on it.”

One of the responsibilities of the response team is to train Libyans to defend themselves. They were told to get lost by a Libyan military leader and aren’t training them any longer.

Mr. Obama is about to lose the Libyan peace after instigating and abetting the war.

Remember when Mr. Obama said his biggest priority was bringing the perpetrators to justice:

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