What Really Upsets Barack Obama About the Letter to Iran from 47 Senators


Obama mada as hell

The hill reported today that the Republican letter to Iran has backfired. They said it jeopardizes the alliance Democrats and Republicans have formed to pass the Iran sanctions bill, a bill that might prove worthless in the end.  Once this deal is through, Barack Obama will impede and delay any efforts by Congress regardless of the bill. What the hill failed to consider is the letter successfully sent the message to the Mullahs.

It is what is being lost in all this.

The letter infuriated Barack Obama because it told the Mullahs that any deal must include Congress and the president is not the sole decision maker. It infuriates Obama personally and ideologically to have his power limited.

Forty-seven members of the Republican senate united to make a point and the other seven are uniting to throw them under the bus along with the media.

The seven Republicans who did not sign the letter to Iran are out ripping it along with the Wall Street Journal. It plays into the president’s power over Democrats. The Corker-Menendez bill might now be in danger of not getting the 60 votes needed to pass but the message in the letter is arguably as important.

The Republicans should consider doing what the Democrats and a Hillary Clinton might do – dismiss the attacks and diminish the opposition. Instead of defending themselves, they need to use the opportunity to talk about the seriousness of this lousy deal. They need to make that case and not be distracted.

It’s understandable that some would not want to sign the letter but it is not understandable that they would then attack 47 of their colleagues and give support to the president’s case. If they think siding with the Democrats will get votes, they’re mistaken. They just gave them a platform.

Democrats are now insisting the Republicans denounce the letter on the Senate floor but the letter was 100% accurate.

Instead of caving, what if they brought up the obvious point that Democrats are engaging in partisanship to support a president who is about to make a dangerous move and pass a bill that could accelerate Iran’s path to the bomb?

The White House and Democratic outrage is transparent especially given their own penchant for writing to and visiting foreign powers in an effort to scuttle a Republican president’s foreign policy.

Back in the 1980s, when President Reagan was in office, Sen. Ted Kennedy wrote to the Soviets in support of their cause in Nicaragua. This was at the same time Reagan was trying to help the freedom fighters who were pushing against the Soviet-backed Sandanistas. Senators John Kerry and Tom Harkin went to Nicaragua in support of the communist Sandanistas.

Nancy Pelosi traveled to Syria to meet with Bashar al-Assad despite George Bush’s request not to.

In November 1990, two months after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, Carter wrote a letter to the heads of state of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. He urged the countries to drop their support for Bush’s proposed military solution.

Soon after President Bush declared Iran part of the Axis of Evil, Biden was the keynote on March 13, 2002 for the American Iranian Council, which was dedicated to ending sanctions on Iran and which is Iran’s lobby.

Biden is known as “a great friend of the Mullahs” and once told Boston Globe columnist H.D.S. Greenway that the United States should address Iran’s “emotional needs” and conclude a “nonaggression pact” with the Tehran regime, according to writer Dan Greenfield.

This letter did not oppose the president’s program. All this letter did was give the Iranians information they are probably unaware of though it’s highly doubtful they care. This deal will give them two more years to build the bomb and play games with anyone who tries to provide oversight.

In this case, the stakes are much higher. We are facing a dangerous enemy in Iran and they are on the move. The president’s nuclear “deal” will empower them even more. We should not be negotiating with people whose Friday service includes the chant “Death to America, Death to Israel.”

Iran is a direct threat to the United States and her allies.

Look at what is going on. Barack Obama doesn’t read his intel briefings and he doesn’t even have a strategy to defeat ISIS. Iran is taking control of Iraq. They are in four capitals, Damascus, Baghdad, Sanaa, and Beirut. Our allies say it is better to be an enemy of the U.S. than a friend.

We can’t look to the Joint Chiefs for help for possibly the first time in their history. Sen. McCain has called Gen. Dempsey the “most disappointing Chairman” of the Joint Chiefs of Staff he’s ever seen. He is simply an Obama “echo chamber” who has done “great damage”.

Whether the letter was the best choice or not, the one thing it did was let Iran know that any deal with them must include the Congress of the United States. That is what the imperial president is really angry about.


Sen. Graham explains why he signed the letter: in the next video. He wanted to let Barack Obama know he is not the imperial president. Message heard!