Judge Napolitano: What Pope Francis Got Wrong


Pope Francis appears to be against capitalism and supportive of statism, redistribution and social justice or at least that is what the Communist Party USA and other leftist organizations and individuals are taking from his lectures and encyclical. It’s not just the left, many on the right are concerned.

Before the left or Mr. Obama get too excited about it however, they should know that Marxism, abortion, secularism, lying, and tolerance of evil are not acceptable to Catholics and are the antithesis of what Catholics value.

When the Pope was asked what the worst problem is in the world today, he said it was youth unemployment. He didn’t think Christians being slaughtered and communism enslaving people were more serious. His response has since been wiped from the Pope’s website, but it still reverberates.

Pope Francis said Catholics are too “obsessed” with abortion and other divisive social issues such as gay marriage. He  intimated that they should not be the main issues when one goes to the polls. Economic issues should be the main issue, he declared, as he took a swipe at Western Capitalism and ‘trickle down economics.”

He did, however, reaffirm his pro-life stance on the day he was selected as Time magazine’s Person of the Year.

Whatever the Pope’s intentions, he has been heard by the left in this country who believe he is telling Catholics abortion should not be considered in the voting booth or who believe socialism, not capitalism, is the only way to help the poor and downtrodden.

Judge Napolitano, a devout Catholic, wrote in an essay for The Washington Times, “No economic system in history has alleviated more poverty, generated more opportunity and helped more formerly poor people become rich than capitalism. The essence of capitalism goes to the core of Catholic teaching: the personal freedom of every person. Capitalism is freedom to risk, freedom to work, freedom to save, freedom to retain the fruits of one’s labors, freedom to own property and freedom to give to charity.”

He added that “The problem with modern capitalism — a problem that escaped the scrutiny of His Holiness — is not too much freedom, but too little.” Regulation, control, unholy alliances between government and corporations, high taxes, and devalued savings are the problem.

the Judge

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a Libertarian

Judge Napolitano addressed the issue of redistribution:

“If you give until it hurts, freely and out of love, and seek nothing temporal in return, you have built up treasure in Heaven. However, if the government takes from you and redistributes your wealth to those whom the government has decided to benefit — rich and poor alike — what merit is there in that for you? If you give a poor person a fish to eat, in a day, he’ll be hungry. If you show him how to catch fish and teach him how to acquire the tools needed to do so, he can become self-sufficient and perhaps one day rich enough to help others. If the government takes money from you to buy the person a fish, half of the money will be wasted.”

Then the Judge pointed to the Pope’s misguided economic views:

“The pope seems to prefer common ownership of the means of production, which is Marxist, or private ownership and government control, which is fascist, or government ownership and government control, which is socialist. All of those failed systems lead to ashes, not wealth. Pope Francis must know this. He must also know that when Europe was in turmoil in 1931, his predecessor Pius XI wrote in one of his encyclicals: “[N]o one can be at the same time a sincere Catholic and a true Socialist.’”

True capitalism is synonymous with freedom. It is only with freedom that we can use our moral conscience.

These are the things that American Catholics value. Whatever the Pope means or however his words are interpreted,  it won’t change what true Catholics stand for and they have never stood for Marxism.

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