WOW! Listen to How CNN Defines the Second Amendment


Woman Carrying Handgun

The leftist Ninth Circuit ruled this week that the Second Amendment does not guarantee the right to concealed carry.

This is a very dangerous case out of San Diego California. The Supreme Court is 4-4 and if there is no decision or a split decision, it goes back to the lower court and becomes law.

A CNN article authored by a political reporter wrote that “The court was careful to make the ruling narrow. The opinion does not say concealed weapons are unconstitutional, nor does it make any decisions about openly carrying weapons in public.”

The author goes on to reveal her lack of expertise which you can read about on the link.

In actuality, the court ruled that the government can prevent people from carrying a gun outside their home and self-defense is not a good enough reason to be granted a permit.

The court held that residents have no Second Amendment right to carry a firearm outside their home for self-defense.

San Diego County is allowed to outlaw guns outside the home by declining to issue anyone a permit. It is a direct challenge to the Second Amendment and is unconstitutional but someone needs to tell CNN that.

They didn’t even come close to an analysis of the situation.

There is a video that comes with the article in which Jeffrey Tobin claims the most mysterious part of the Constitution is the Second Amendment.

The only thing mysterious about it is how the left can twist it to meet their bizarre interpretations.

Tobin talked about the militias in the video which he says don’t exist any more. The issue of militias was decided by Heller in 2008 but the left won’t let it go. The left wants us to believe individuals are not entitled to the right to bear arms; only militias were guaranteed to have that right under the Second Amendment, according to them.

Tobin concludes that the government will move to contain the right to keep and bear arms. We know from this San Diego decision that contain means to destroy it.

When we go to vote in November, we need to decide if we want to keep our Second Amendment. Hillary clearly is out to destroy it and Donald Trump is one of the strongest Second Amendment supporters we’ve had in decades.

Say what you want about Trump, he has good instincts.

“New immigration controls to keep us safe from radical Islamic terrorism. Here is what Hillary Clinton would do to our country. She’ll appoint radical judges who will legislate from the bench, overriding Congress, and will — and I tell you, the will of the people will mean nothing, nothing.”

“Her judges will abolish the Second Amendment and destroy the rule of law. She wants to abolish the Second Amendment. And I will tell you, the National Rifle Association, the NRA, two weeks ago endorsed Donald Trump. So I think you’re happy about that. (Cheering and Applause) And I think it’s the earliest endorsement they have ever given to a presidential candidate, so I was very honored. They’re great people. Great people.”


Hillary can’t lie enough against the Second Amendment. The left has made terrorism, gang crime, suicides into a case of gun violence, completely missing the point.




  1. It is a continuing battle, 2nd says the people have the right to keep AND bear arms…… The democrats will take it away, or should I say the subsersive ugly power of the men and women hiding behind the left, progressive, liberal political branches are using those so labeled people and brainwashing them into thinking we do not have that right. Keep fighting because it does not end until until we stop fighting to keep our right. Personally I can’t imagine a world where we can’t defend ourselves and criminals (who buy and keep and bear arms law or no law), are the only ones with the guns.

  2. I would like to know how all these courts and judges define SHALL NOT BE INFRNGED and who does SHALL NOT BE INFRNGED apply to?? hey judges i’ll help you out….“I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”
    George Mason
    Co-author of the Second Amendment
    during Virginia’s Convention to Ratify the Constitution, 1788…..

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