Administration to Halt Use of Deadly Force by Border Agents Under Attack


rock throwers

Rock throwers at the border. 

The Department of Homeland Security under Jeh Johnson is reconsidering when border agents can use deadly force. They might not be allowed to use their weapons when rocks and other deadly objects are thrown at them.

CNS News reported that “Customs and Border Protection, which oversees the Border Patrol, has been criticized by civil rights groups and others for allowing border agents to use deadly force against people blamed for throwing rocks at them.”

The Police Executive Research Forum, a group commissioned by the government, recommended that deadly force against rock throwers and assailants in vehicles be banned. Customs and Border Protection rejected the idea.

The Agents are allowed to use deadly force if they have a reasonable belief that their lives or the lives of others are in danger.

The report is being peddled to outlets such as the LA Times and it describes the Border Patrol as lacking diligence in investigating agents who fired their guns. The claim is that agents stand in front of moving vehicles as a pretext to open fire instead of moving out of the way of the rock throwers.

The Border Patrol has long maintained that rocks are lethal weapons.

According to the Homeland Security inspector general, agents were attacked with rocks 339 times in the 2011 budget year. Rock-throwing incidents were the most common assault reported. Agents responded with gunfire 33 times and with less-than-lethal force 118 times, according to

Illegals sometimes throw rocks at the agents while other illegals run across the border, according to the Santa Clarita Valley Signal. In the photo above, more than a hundred people ran across the border while others threw rocks and bottles at the agents to distract them.

It’s the wild west on the border because Obama refuses to enforce our immigration laws and because he has disarmed our law enforcement as much as possible.  We have no idea how many of these people coming across are drug peddlers or terrorists.

The Administration not only wants to disarm border agents, it’s tightening the gun background check screws on all Americans. They are “updating regulations” that are 20 years old.

The new regulations include an amendment that mandates a consolidated, electronic storage of information on gun purchases that have been denied via the NICS system, according to a rulemaking notice issued in January, according to the hill. The Administration wants to expand background check requirements to private sellers, like those operating at gun shows and online.

It is precisely because of the danger our administration is putting us in that we need our guns and border agents need to be free to use deadly force if their lives are in danger.