After 115 years, Giant Turtles Are Considering Divorce


After only 115 years together, two Giant Turtles have called it quits. The animals have lived together in an Austrian zoo in Klagenfurt but the husband turtle has been forced to move out. Counseling was tried but didn’t work.

The turtles, Bibi and Poldi have allegedly been happy together and the cause of the split is unknown – they’re not talking.

Bibi, the female started attacking the male and bit off part of his shell. That wasn’t her only attack. I guess it’s a turtle’s way of saying, “enough is enough.” Maybe she has a little dementia or maybe she wised up. We don’t know.

Zoo officials still hope to bring about a reconciliation. I don’t know if I would do that were I Poldi.

Turtles don’t have teeth but they have horn rimmed mouths with powerful jaws. Seems there is nothing wrong with Bibi’s jaw after 115 years.

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