Anti-Durban III, Pro-Israeli Rally, September 21st – Video

Iran Participated in Durban III

The UN members are in town and, while I was at a pro-Israeli rally, UN reps were giving out flyers of Palestine which call for a Palestine with pre-1967 borders and with East Jerusalem as its capital.  Next we will see a map that has China in place of the USA. Click here for the UN memo. 

The Palestinians have formed an unholy alliance with the terror group Hamas and will not recognize the state of Israel.

Stephen Brown of Frontpage Magazine online succinctly described Durban III so I will quote him here: – “…Yet another anti-Israel hate-fest is brewing today at the United Nations (UN) in New York City. Durban III is the informal name given to the latest UN-sponsored “anti-racism” conference, which will take place on the opening day of the General Assembly. More importantly and not unintentionally, this event, known for its hate-based, anti-Semitic and anti-Israel bashing in its two previous incarnations, Durban I and Durban II, is coinciding with the Palestinian Authority’s bid for statehood and membership at the world body…” These members have championed the genocide of Adolf Hitler against the Jews.

These are the people the UN hosts and supports, so why do we support the UN?

There were about 4000 people at this rally and more were expected today, when more Jewish groups are scheduled to attend. I was happy there were more at this rally than at the National Socialist Day of Rage which is ongoing.

On Friday, the UN will vote to give Palestine statehood. It won’t happen because President Obama will be the lone veto. It should never have gone so far as to allow this political stunt, but our President has done nothing to discourage it. In fact, we are still giving Palestine aide, even though Palestinians have chosen to form an alliance with Hamas, a group that has vowed to destroy every Jew.

Hamas will NOT recognize Israel’s right to exist. They could have had statehood decades ago were it not for this.

The borders demanded by Hamas cannot even be negotiated by Israel because they cannot be defended. Don’t forget that much of the land in question was not even part of Palestine, but, rather, part of Egypt and Syria.

The only Muslims I am referring to are the terrorists. I don’t want this to reflect on the normal Muslim who wants what we all want, freedom and the right to live one’s life without causing harm to others. I took a cab as I left the rally and the driver was a Pakistani Muslim. I had a great conversation with him, and wish I could relate everything he said. His religious values echoed mine, and I am a Christian. I liked him and was struck by how much we agreed on political affairs and religion. He assured me the terrorists are a very small minority and, all that most Muslims want is to live their life as they choose, without interference, and without hurting one. I want to believe him about the terrorists being a very small minority, as opposed to the polls.

Ahmadinejad’s speech on September 22nd prompted a walkout by the U.S. delegation as he talked about arrogant powers that punish anyone who questions the Holocaust. He is certifiable, and we should arrest him while he’s here. We allowed Qaddafi to set up tents in NJ and, then within two years, we paid over a billion dollars to oust him. We can’t even find him.