Arab Man Scoped Out Moore HS 4 Days Before ‘Workplace Violence’ Incident


h/t Robert Howard and Bare Naked Islam

Moore HS

An Arab man entered Moore High School without authorization four days before Alton Nolen beheaded one woman and attempted to behead another.

The man has a thick Arabic accent and asked suspicious questions of teachers and students. He wanted to know about the security in the school, how many police officers are on campus each day, and where the nearest police station was.

The police have located the man and he is not under arrest. He is cooperative. They said there is no threat to Moore High School but can you believe them in this politically correct country?

A teacher said that she was approached by the man who was interested in enrolling his children as students. It could simply be a strange coincidence but he was able to walk in without being stopped and no one reported it until the day after the beheading.

Moore School Administrators sent a letter out to parents warning them on October 1st.

“Why did it take so long for this to come out?” asked Stephen Vaughn, while picking up his son after school.

The letter stated the principal wasn’t notified of the incident until Sept. 26, one day after the terror attack at Vaughn Foods, or should I say workplace violence incident.

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