Blaming the GOP for this ObamaCare Nightmare is Like…..


what else

Blaming the GOP for the ObamaCare nightmare is like blaming Republicans for:

The IRS Scandal

President Obama knowing nothing about his IRS targeting conservative groups

Detroit’s bankruptcy

Chicago’s soaring murder rate

The NSA Scandals, including but not limited to:

   Tapping the phones of AP reporters

   Eavesdropping on 70 million Frenchmen

   Listening in on 60 million Spaniards

   Hacking into Google and Yahoo

   Bugging Angela Merkel’s cell phone

President Obama knowing nada about any of this “surveillance”

Keeping inner city, minority kids trapped in lousy schools

The “Arab Spring”

Pushing the “Re-Set Button” with Russia

President Obama’s magical, mystical, mythical, disappearing Syrian “Red Line”

Antagonist, Vladimir Putin’s rise on the international stage-he’s now # 1 according to Forbes

The Benghazi slaughter, including but not limited to:

   Four Americans being murdered in a carefully designed, premeditated attack

   Weeks of Obama claiming an obscure internet video led to those deaths

   Barack insisting the assault was just a spontaneous reaction to the video

   The president leaving for a Las Vegas fundraiser less than a day after the tragedy

   Obama’s ignorance re: numerous reports citing grave concerns over the consulate’s security

Our Commander in Chief being AWOL for 7 hours while his men were under attack

The disastrous ObamaCare roll out including but not limited to:

   Kathleen Sebelius

   Hundreds of thousands of people losing their health insurance

   Hundreds of thousands of people unable to sign up for ObamaCare

   Premiums and deductibles rising dramatically.

   Misnaming this money pit of a law the Affordable Care Act

Obama knowing zero about the massive pretest failures of his health care website

And finally, blaming the GOP for this ObamaCare nightmare is like blaming Republicans for Barack Obama insisting to the American people, “If you like your health care plan you can keep it. Period. If you like your doctor you can keep him. Period.”

Sentinel readers are more than welcome to add to our list.