Doctor Cuts Prices in Half After Dumping Insurance


dr ciampi

Photo of Dr. Michael Ciampi

Dr. Michael Ciampi of South Portland Maine dropped all forms of health insurance last month, both private and government. His costs went down and he was able to slash his prices as a result.

Dr. Ciampi said he had 2,000 patients and lost several hundred but will attract new ones. For example, people who are self-employed will look to a doctor like him.

Dr. Ciampi said he is now free to do what he feels is best for his patients. He can offer discounts to patients who are struggling and make house visits.

Dr. Ciampi said that cutting out the middle man allows him to cut a lot of the expense. He has cut his prices in half. Patients who come to his office see him not a physician’s assistant or a nurse.

He collects at the end of each visit, saving on costly paperwork.

Dr. Ciampi said he expects other doctors to follow his lead while others might offer “concierge” services where patients pay an annual fee to keep doctors on retainer.

“If more doctors were able to do this, that would be real health care reform,” he said. “That’s when we’d see the cost of medicine truly go down.

Most of his colleagues believe his approach is radical but it is a practice currently in play in New York.

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