Fitch & Moodys Looking at U.S. Credit Rating But Krugman Has the Answer


Fitch may lower our credit rating after the doomed-to-fail committee failed to reach a deal. All they had to do was find $1.5 trillion over ten years and, the way we’re spending, that’s not a lot of money.

Moodys will consider downgrading us if we don’t stick with the automatic cuts required in case the Super Committee failed.

I guess they could appoint a Super Duper Committee of 24 congressmen.

Don’t worry, that genius, Paul Krugman, has the answer. Krugman is a Socialist, though he prefers Progressive, and he says that we merely need to spend more.

Krugman praises the “ragtag regular people breaking out” known as the OWS. Yes, regular people who leave 200 pounds of feces as they depart. What a genius that Krugman is, too bad he has not an ounce of sense and a warped ideology.