Mitt Romney Sees a Trump Win Unless the Impossible Happens




Unless John Kasich, the postman’s son, or Ted Cruz drops out, Donald Trump wins the presidential nomination according to Mitt Romney. Neither one is likely to drop out however.

Donald Trump has a double-digit lead over his two rivals for the presidential nomination and he does have a direct path to the nomination or he will be very close going into the convention. Former Governor Mitt Romney, who has made it clear he has no use for Trump and is supporting Ted Cruz, said if one of the two rivals doesn’t drop out. Trump will win, at least by the first ballot.

“If (Gov. John Kasich and Sen. Ted Cruz) are both going at it aggressively until the very end then I think Trump gets it on the first ballot,” the former Massachusetts governor and 2012 GOP nominee said in an interview on “The David Gregory Show” podcast, reports CNN.

John Kasich who likes to say he’s the only one who can beat Hillary can’t even win states in the primary beyond his own. He won’t drop out but as one who has absolutely no reasonable path to the nomination, he should.

Romney told Gregory that if Trump falls short of 1237, he will be able to woo delegates.

“My guess is some delegates might like to fly around on Air Trump or perhaps get a membership to Mar-a-Lago,” Romney said referencing Trump’s resort in Florida.

Trump has been accusing the GOP of holding a corrupt election but Romney dismissed those complaints outright saying the rules were known for a year.

“After all, these rules are a lot simpler than the rules of foreign affairs or the rules of our economy,” Romney said. “If you want to be president, you are going to have to deal with things far more complicated than Republican delegate rules.”

Trump still has a path to the nomination outright. If he wins all or most of the New York delegates, he will have over 800 delegates.

Five states have primaries on April 26, with 172 delegates at stake: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island.

Five states hold contests in May, with a total of 199 delegates at stake: Indiana, Nebraska, West Virginia, Oregon and Washington State.

Five states vote on June 7, with 303 delegates up for grabs. California,  New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana and New Mexico have a total of 303 delegates.

He could lose almost half and still win the 1237. He is also likely to win on the first ballot if it goes to a convention.