Obama Dismantles Immigration Law, Creates an Immigration Crisis


Our nation is lawless and it’s a free-for-all. Children are being sent across the border with coyotes, criminal illegals are being allowed to stay, families are encouraged to immigrate illegally, and deportations have been halted.

Mr. Obama is dismantling our laws and his changes to immigration law will forever change the United States.

We are becoming a welfare state dependent on government. People being invited in illegally are uneducated and will take low-level jobs, requiring them to also obtain government assistance.

Mr. Obama and his czars have encouraged the illegal crossings of tens of thousands of future DREAMers, criminal illegal immigrants, and entire families of illegals from Mexico and Central and South America. He will not send them back.

Illegal immigration is a direct result of the left in this country demanding amnesty and demanding that families be kept in tact.

Many of these people are uniting with other family members here illegally in various parts of the country. They are being told they will receive amnesty and indeed President Obama is implementing de facto amnesty.

In 2012, the Obama administration released a new policy ordering agents not to go after illegal immigrants convicted of crimes unless they have committed at least three misdemeanors — and said that minor misdemeanors shouldn’t count.

Tens of thousands of criminal illegals have been released onto our streets since that time.

More than 36,000 criminal aliens were released back into the community last year according to a report by The Center for Immigration Studies, a report based on ICE figures. That’s on top of another 68,000 criminal aliens who were let go in lieu of processing them for immigration removal charges in that year.

There is a sharp increase in the numbers coming across the border and the patrol have been told not to pull their guns on them, even if attacked. This policy encourages more criminal illegals to enter the U.S.

In 2013, ICE reported 722,000 encounters with potentially deportable aliens, most of whom came to their attention after incarceration for a local arrest. Yet ICE officials followed through with immigration charges for only 195,000 of these aliens, only about one-fourth because of current Obama policies shielding them from arrest.

They are a protected class.

The releases were made using an interpretation of “prosecutorial discretion” that can only be described as abusive.

President Obama rewrote immigration priorities and tried to make sure rank-and-file illegal immigrants, particularly those brought to the U.S. as children, are not deported.

The Obama administration stopped deporting illegals under 30 and legalized them. That too is being abused. The criteria he outlined was not followed, allowing for overly-broad discretion.

Millions of unauthorized illegals have been given permanent status. We are now seeing the results of these policies.

They are Obama’s new Progressive Democratic voters.

Last week, Mr. Obama issued an Executive Order to put children coming across the border on welfare, calling it an “urgent humanitarian situation.” It is that and it is one of his own creation. Most of these children have family here illegally in the States.

More than 750 children from Central America spent the weekend in a shelter in Nogales, Arizona which is a warehouse converted by Border Patrol into a shelter. Three hundred more children were expected with no end in sight.

In addition, the administration is “dumping” hundreds of illegals at bus stops and giving them bus tickets to various parts of the country where they can collect welfare.

Border Patrol no longer controls the border, they’re social workers.

Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona describes the situation as “dire.”

She urged people to ask the Obama administration “the reason for this massive influx of illegal crossings and the cost to taxpayers for having to deal with the crisis created by the President”.


The Obama administration has told her that they plan to continue dropping off illegal children and adults at bus stops throughout her state as well as flying children to the shelter.

Cecilia Munoz said that the dramatic increase in illegal children crossing the border is the result of a false rumor that they would be allowed to stay, however, it is not a false rumor since they will be allowed to stay.

Many of these children are from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador and will not be sent back. Unaccompanied children caught at the border become wards of the state and become the responsibility of the Department of Health and Human Services.

The administration blames it on wars and violence in those regions, however, there have always been wars and violence in these regions.

Two flights carrying 130 illegal immigrants from South Texas landed in El Paso where they were dropped off. They are being told they are free to leave and that they should report to immigration in 15 days, which most, if any, won’t do.

Sen. Sessions released a report recently on the state of deportations. The report, “DHS Enforcement Data Reveals Administrative Amnesty Much Broader Than Previously Understood” indicates that deportations, except for felons, barely exists as a policy. The nation’s policy appears to be an open door policy.

The report states that less than .2% of the illegal immigrants and visa overstays in the U.S. were placed into removal proceedings. They are then free to illegally work in the U.S. and receive taxpayer benefits.

Mr. Obama’s policies allow for the release of tens of thousands of criminals each year.

ICE officers are routinely forced to release those with criminal records who are considered eligible for “prosecutorial discretion,” based on the deemed seriousness of the criminal offense…And since ICE officers are frequently barred from issuing detainers (to prevent release on the underlying charge) until criminal suspects are actually convicted, many high-risk offenders are released on bond and flee from authorities before the trial ever takes place.

Sen. Sessions believes that the president is deliberately dismantling our law enforcement system:

Trey Gowdy

When Megyn Kelly asked Rep. Trey Gowdy, a former prosecutor, about Sen. Session’s remarks, Gowdy agreed with Sen. Sessions that the president is systematically dismantling the nation’s laws, but he believes it is to win elections not to pursue an agenda. They [the administration] do however fundamentally view their role differently, he added.

Attorney General Eric Holder recently claimed that illegal immigration is a civil right, if that is so, Gowdy says, that is like saying you and I have the right to vote in Madagascar.

The administration is motivated by the fact that they get away with it.

Watch the interview via Fox News

Sen. Sessions said that our law enforcement system is in a state of collapse. It’s a deliberate plan by the President of the United States. It’s wrong. People need to stand up to it. Americans need to be aware of it and I think the American people are beginning to do so.

Recently, President Obama told the new DHS Secretary to look for ways to slow down deportations even more, though it is now on hold until after the elections.

Sen. Sessions is opposed to the senate’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform package, which the president disingenuously says will end the problem. The package allows for extensive chain migration and threatens jobs and wages in the U.S. in what Sessions describes as a “crushing hammer blow to the Middle Class.”

Income inequality stems partly from illegal immigration.

The increasing guest workers and immigration in the proposed Republican plan will hurt already struggling out-of-work Americans, Sessions said last year when Republicans came up with their immigration principles.

‘Unfortunately,’ Sessions writes, ‘leaks reveal the leaders’ plan mirrors central elements of the president’s plan, combining work permits for millions of illegal immigrants with large permanent increases in the flow of new workers from abroad. This would be an extraordinary act of self-sabotage.’

‘So what is the president’s proposal? With three job seekers for every open job, he proposes doubling the number of guest workers entering every year, granting immediate work permits to millions of illegal immigrants, and tripling the number of new immigrants granted permanent residency over the next decade.’

‘Today, the U.S. admits 1 million immigrants a year. The plan supported by the president and Senate Democrats would increase that to 3 million a year, or 30 million largely lower-skill immigrants over the next 10.’

The current jobless rate of 6.3% is meaningless. It includes jobs that were never counted in the past and it ignores those workers who have gone onto disability and it ignores long-term unemployed who can’t find work. Illegal immigrants are most definitely taking jobs from Americans and they are lowering wages. That’s why companies want them. Unions don’t care because they see them as providing more opportunity to add dues-paying members.

‘The president’s own economic adviser, Gene Sperling, recently noted that there are three unemployed people for every job available. Wages today have been flat since 2000. Last year, a record one in five American households received food stamps.’

This is a national emergency.

House Republicans should reply to the president’s immigration effort with a simple message: Our first duty is to help struggling Americans find good work and rising wages.

When we allow these guest workers in, they rarely leave.  Consider them here to stay because they do.

This is the anarchy that occurs with a president who refuses to follow the law and writes his own laws on a whim.