Our NATO Ally Says He’s a Man Like Hitler


Erdogan praised Hitler’s Germany as an example of an effective government and then took it back.

In 2014, Recep Tayyip Erdogan became the first popularly elected president of Turkey after serving as Prime Minister for years. He’s a sketchy character who is also a friend of Barack Obama’s and he’s a NATO ally. It’s not hard to imagine why Erdogan and Obama are friends when you examine how he operates, not to say Obama wants to be like Hitler.

The presidency in Turkey is largely ceremonial but he has been pushing to imbue it with ever-growing powers.

obama and erdogan

There are fears that he would make the government into a dictatorship as he moves to an executive form of government and rids the country of the “outdated” constitution.

On Thursday, reporters asked if a strong presidency was possible in Turkey and he responded by saying, “When We Look [At Other Countries], We See That It Is Possible. You Would See This When You Look At Hitler’s Germany And Other Countries,” He Was Quoted As Saying By T24 News Portal.

He held Hitler’s Germany out as an example of an effective government ruled by a strong presidency.

Despite his denials now, he said what he said.

Since he made that statement, he has claimed he meant the opposite and the reporters twisted his words.

Since Erdogan pushed his AKP party into power this past November, he has been cementing his grip on power. He made certain that opponents and dissenters had little airtime during the elections. Sound familiar?

Erdogan has used a divide-and-conquer technique similar to Obama’s, railing against opponents with divisive rhetoric, denigrating opponents as terrorists and traitors, polarizing the country.  He has alienated Kurds, secularists and minorities.”

Erdogan has jailed reporters, suppressed peaceful demonstrations and manipulated the justice system. He led a growing campaign of intimidation against the opposition news media, with a mob of his supporters attacking newspaper offices ahead of the November election.

Opposition parties fear a consolidation of power will make Erdogan too powerful. So far, opponents will support some updates but not an all-powerful presidential system and they must approve by a majority vote.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has said the new system would not devolve into dictatorship. Hard to believe.

An Erdogan classmate says that Erdogan used to “walk around with a copy of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’”. Erdogan’s March 16th publication titled Ust Akil (The Mastermind), where one enters an extremely dark side of Erdogan’s thinking process on how he views the Jews. The term Ust Akil (The Mastermind) was introduced by Erdogan himself, a sensational two hour “documentary”, produced by A Haber, Erdogan’s main TV propaganda machine, billed as an expose of the great international conspiracy targeting Erdogan’s “New Turkey.”

Erdogan is currently supporting ISIS and he has covertly sent arms to Hamas along with $300 million a year in economic aid so they can continue with their plan to annihilate the Jews in Israel. He’s a sexist pig and a conspiratorial eccentric with a passion for power.

Turkey was the first Muslim country to recognize Israel in 1949 and prior to Erdogan, despite some ups and downs, Turkey had a good relationship with Israel.

At the same time he demonizes Israel, he has increased trade with Israel. He’s duplicitous.

His government is filled with corruption.

He has said the Muslims discovered America, birth control is treason, foreigners like seeing Muslim children die, it is against nature to put man and woman on the same footing – women’s role is motherhood (his daughters walk around in burqas), the robot lobby on social media is out to get him, and he plans to use the power of Turkey to “eradicate Twitter.”  That’s just 2014 alone.

These are dangerous times and Erdogan needs to be watched.

Source: The Independent and NY Times