Watch the Voting Machine Cast a Crooked Ballot

Where Affordable Health Care Goes From Here

Hillary's Corrupt Alliances: John Podesta's Brother Tony Is on the Saudi Government's Payroll

FBI Agent's Wife Got $1 Million From Clinton Friends, Gave It Back to Clinton-Tied Vendor

Watch the Voting Machine Cast a Crooked Ballot


Watch as the voting machine votes Democrat while the person votes Republican. 🚨 Voting Machine Caught on Camera Casting Ballot for Democrat when Selecting Republican — MicroSpookyLeaks™ (@WDFx2EU7) October 25, 2016 The machine that won’t vote for Bernie Sanders. 🚨More voter fraud, machine will select anyone BUT Bernie Sanders; @POTUS and @TheJusticeDept are lying…

Where Affordable Health Care Goes From Here


Watch the latest video at Barack Obama is finally admitting that there will be double-digit premium hikes throughout the nation. He didn’t mention the prohibitive deductibles. As Donald Trump said, “you have to get hit by a truck to use it”. At the same time, as Obamacare gets more and more unaffordable, people who…

Horrible Treatment of Our Military! Thousands of Wartime Soldiers in CA Told to Repay Bonuses


This next story is disgusting. The California National Guard lured soldiers into re-upping and serving in dangerous areas of the world during war with bonuses and now because the Guard is short money due to their own corruption, they have demanded the money back. The California National Guard enticed thousands of soldiers with bonuses of $15,000…

Violent Joe Biden Wants to Beat Up Donald Trump


Referring to the Billy Bush tape and unproven accusations made against Donald Trump, Biden accused Trump of sexual assault and threatened him with physical violence on Friday, claiming the power of thought police and assigning motivations to Trump. “What he said he did and does is the textbook definition of sexual assault,” Biden said. “And think about…