Being Hillary Clinton Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry

Another Major Democratic City Reaches a "Tipping Point"

USDA Secretary Wants to Spend More Money We Don't Have

Obama 'Recovery' Means More Bartenders!

Being Hillary Clinton Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry


Hillary Clinton gave a sit-down interview with left-winger Andrea Mitchell and claimed that her seemingly illegal activities which are being investigated by the FBI were allowed. She said that even though Mitchell read the rules in the State Department handbook to her which say the opposite. Hillary Clinton twice refused to say she was sorry…

Another Major Democratic City Reaches a “Tipping Point”

de blasio1

Since the liberal-communist mayor Bill de Blasio took office a little less than two years ago, New York City has become a scary place filled with vagrants, porn peddlers, and criminals. There are now four thousand people sleeping on the streets and at least 80 homeless tent cities. Beggars are making $75 a day. Illegal immigrants…

USDA Secretary Wants to Spend More Money We Don’t Have


You would never know we are $19 trillion in debt. Apparently no one has told Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.  Speaking at the Soros-Podesta Center for American Progress in D.C., he said he wants to provide three meals a day with an afternoon snack, twelve months a year, to the nation’s school children. Maybe we should provide…

Obama ‘Recovery’ Means More Bartenders!


The great late economist Milton Friedman once said, “Many people want the government to protect the consumer. A much more urgent problem is to protect the consumer from the government.” It’s not only the government meddling we need to worry about, it’s their lying about it. So many are willing to pretend they believe them. We…

Democratic Chicago Goes on Life Support With Massive Tax Increases


Former Mayor Richard J. Daley named Chicago The City That Works. It didn’t work then and it sure doesn’t work now. It’s another Democratic city on life support but Rahm Emanuel has a partial solution – massive tax increases. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that Rahm Emanuel is planning to raise property taxes by $500 million for police…

Making Easy Money Off of the Unloved and Forgotten.


by Gary Spina   I don’t know why no one’s thought of it sooner. I’m sure you’ve seen the ads on TV asking for donations — showing the heart-wrenching photos of abused and neglected animals. Americans have always been suckers for stuff like that. Even as we speak, people are giving millions of dollars to…

Obama, Hill, Kerry & Dem’s Mideast Mushroom Cloud Legacy


Well it seems President Obama has lined up enough votes from “party first” sycophants to sustain a veto of his Iranian Nuclear “Deal”. Barack’s Democrat groupies are supporting this horrific compilation of concessions in spite of the fact it’s arguably worse than the catastrophic 1938 Munich Agreement. Recall, when the Munich pact was signed in…