Hillary Meets Surreptitiously With Florida Election's Official

Wikileaks Reveal: Ryan's Relative, Shady Dealings, Prepping for Bill as a Sexual Predator Q & A

Jason Chaffetz Will Vote for Trump After Pulling Endorsement

This Is How Much Obamacare Premiums Are Going Up by State

Hillary Meets Surreptitiously With Florida Election’s Official


According to Project Veritas videos, the Democrats coordinate routinely and illegally with their PACS and now we find out per Roger Stone that Hillary Clinton has met behind closed doors with a top election’s official in the most important Democrat county – Broward County – in the most important state of Florida. Broward has had…

Jason Chaffetz Will Vote for Trump After Pulling Endorsement


Well, it’s not much, especially for people who don’t know how bad Hillary is, but Jason Chaffetz will vote for Donald Trump. The fact is that Donald Trump isn’t bad as he suggests. Have the anti-Trump GOPers listened to his policy speeches, particularly the one in Gettysburg? They’re outstanding and they represent what this country…

This Is How Much Obamacare Premiums Are Going Up by State


This is how much Obamacare premiums are going up by state. Premiums will increase at an average of 25 percent across the 39 states serviced by the online marketplace healthcare.gov, according to the Obama administration. Even worse, around 20 percent of consumers, or one in five, will only have one insurer to choose from in…

FBI Agents Warned of Huma’s-Hillary’s Serious Security Breaches


If elected, Hillary Clinton will continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood which is the grandfather of almost all Islamic terrorist groups including al-Qaida and its spawn ISIS and whose only mission is worldwide sharia. They are the PR arm of the terrorist organizations. There is no doubt, Huma Abedin, whose parents and siblings abide by…

Wikileaks Exposes the Worst, Most Ignored Story of Climate McCarthyism

climate change1

Wikileaks has exposed a truly awful story about the climate terrorists at the George Soros-John Podesta Center for American Progress and its enforcement arm, Think Progress. A brilliant and accomplished academic Roger Pielke Jr., became the object of their wrath for exercising his free speech because they disagreed with him. Pierce has been a professor at…

Hillary, Podesta, State Dept Acted As Russian Puppets, Made Millions

Russia is moving their nukes around.

Bill Clinton brokered the deal that resulted in Russia buying our largest US uranium mine. Hillary approved the deal. As a result of the sale, Podesta, who bought stock in the Russian energy company, the Clinton Foundation, and the Clintons personally, all made millions. The Clintons didn’t disclose the foreign donations though Hillary had a contract with Barack…

Hillary Bashes Trump’s Knowledge of the Constitution


During a campaign rally in Lake Worth, Florida, on Wednesday, Clinton called Trump’s failure to concede the election during the third debate “horrifying,” and questioned whether Trump has read the U.S. Constitution. “When you are sworn in as president, you take an oath. You take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. And listening to Donald…