Planned Parenthood Video Suggests They Are Aborting and Harvesting Born-Alive Babies


Congress could not get Planned Parenthood (PP) defunded Monday and lost by a substantial number of votes with only two Democrats crossing over. There isn’t even an investigation of PP’s potentially illegal harvesting and sale of body parts. There is only an investigation of the whistleblowers. Democrats and some Republicans no longer appear to care how babies are aborted and if their parts are sold illegally.

A fifth video exposing their practices is worse than the previous ones.

For years, stories have circulated that women about to give birth or actually in the process of delivering have been running to Planned Parenthood to abort their babies, babies they refer to as fetuses.

The left is defining life as personhood which at least one Obama adviser, Dr. Emanuel has pointed to as two years of age.

born at 23 weeks

Lily in her mother’s arms. She was born at 23 weeks

In 2013, a Planned Parenthood lobbyist indicated that born-alive aborted babies struggling for life can be killed because it’s up to the doctor and the mother.

In the last Center for Medical Progress video, which exposes Planned Parenthood and their money-making partners who disseminate baby body parts, a Planned Parenthood vice president suggested that they abort ‘delivered’ babies.

In the fifth video, it appears that Planned Parenthood has providers who abort viable babies in an unauthorized manner to allow Planned Parenthood to sell fully intact babies for a price that provides for a substantial profit.

This video gets far more specific than the previous videos and, again, cold, calculating people discuss baby parts as if they were sides of beef. One technician shows the body parts of twins over 20 weeks without a sign of emotion. The video shows fully developed, rather large, arms, legs and so on.

At the end, a worker is asked why Texas affiliates think it’s illegal and neither she nor the researcher can understand why.

If a buyer needs a fully intact baby, Planned Parenthood can make it happen.

“They can make it happen” if fully intact fetuses are needed, Planned Parenthood’s Director of Research, Gulf Coast said. She added that they have about six providers who supply babies beyond the six weeks gestation and they can abort them in a special way to preserve their parts.later than 16 weeks

One in four babies can now survive outside the womb at 22 weeks.

In Europe, most abortions are cut off at about 12 weeks. That should be our cutoff in the United States if the abortion does not involve a mother’s health, mental and physical.

babies, 22 weeks

Planned Parenthood claims they are not making money selling fetal tissue and baby organs and brains but they are collecting $120,000 per month according to the former clinic director of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. She can be heard in this video. “That is certainly not recouping costs,” she stated with conviction.

This has been going for some time, in all likelihood, for a decade.

This video shows that doctors will change the procedure for aborting the baby to provide better specimens. One can also see them discussing the costs as a profit-making venture, not one that simply covers costs.

babies,profit making


  1. apparently they also sell to the food industry legally, someone does. Read up on hek 293, and what foods have it in them.

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