The Government Can Create Jobs!


Hurray, the government is creating high paying jobs with taxpayer money and we get to pay for them!!!

The scheme works like this  – the less well paid people pay for the more highly paid. I’m not a math genius but how long do you think this can go on???

It is easy enough to absorb. First, check out zerohedge’s graph which shows the salaries for federal jobs compared to equivalent private sector jobs.












Now, take a look at the INCREASE in the number of jobs since they passed that freaky crazy Dodd-Frank bill (named after the two biggest crooks in the Congress). Keep in mind that these regulators exist mostly for their own existence. They exist as a self-fulfilling entity.  There is little more that they do. They are often in bed with D.C. so the whole regulation thing loses merit faster than a bedbug finds a bed. The bigger the government gets, the less efficient it gets and we are paying big time for the inefficiency.

 Go to Zerohedge for more information.