U.S. Drone – Who Brought It Down?

U.S. Drone on Display in Iran

The missing U.S. drone, now in the hands of Iran, was never shot down nor did it crash. It glided to a landing.

On state television, a video clip of the drone was shown and narrated by someone saying that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps and army had collaborated in a “sophisticated electronic attack” to bring down the plane.  More information here: NY Times and here: Click here for Iranian video.

The Pentagon spokesman, Capt. John Kirby, told reporters at press briefing on Monday, “The one thing I can tell you is we don’t have any indications that the UAV [unmanned aerial vehicle], that we know we no longer have, was brought down by hostile activity of any kind.”

Personally, I think someone interfered with the signals, took control of the drone, and possibly programmed it to land in Iran.

My personal guess is the Chinese had something to do with it. The technology is now in the hands of Iran and most likely the Chinese.