Another Obama Success Story: Ramadi Falls to ISIS As Obama Commemorates LGBTs


Fleeing Iraqis

AP photo of Iraqi family members as they prepare to leave their hometown of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, 115 km west of Baghdad, Iraq, May 15, 2015.

Iraqis flee

ISIS has captured Ramadi in the heart of Sunni territory.

We won the the Anbar province at a great price. The United States lost 1,335 soldiers and 8,205+ were wounded.

Barack Obama gifted the province to the terrorists by pulling out of the region and ignoring threats as they arose.

The families of the dead and wounded, and all those who fought to free Ramadi are heartbroken today but Obama has offered no sympathy as any good Marxist wouldn’t. Instead he chose to commemorate Sunday as International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

ISIS  executed 16 members of Albu Nimr tribe in Ramadi. Those murdered included two children according to one of the elders. After they killed them, they just threw their bodies to the side of the road.

The Anbar Council said ISIS executed another 500 civilians, mostly women and children.

Here is a very graphic video of them beating Iraqis via GOP rapid response.

Will Obama have one word of sympathy for them? Will he condemn any of this?


While this horror is taking place, this is what our U.N. ambassador is tweeting.


ISIS is threatening to kill and behead Barack Obama for his role in the killing of the ISIS commander – ISIS’ chief finance officer.

One person asks:

This is a photo of the ISIS parade to celebrate their victory in Ramadi. Why isn’t the coalition bombing them while they are out in the open?

ISIS parade celebrating Ramadi victory


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