Bombshell: CIA in Benghazi Denied Help Despite Pleas – Our Men Were Left Behind


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The CIA on the ground in Benghazi repeatedly begged for help for the consulate and safe house as the attack was underway and they were denied! Forces were told to stand down. Three teams were in place, two were on standby and one was held up by Libyan diplomatic officials.

The CIA requested help three times and were told to stand down. At least two men and Tyrone Woods disobeyed orders and got consulate survivors to the CIA compound a mile away and even captured 3 of the attackers.

The CIA was forced to hand them over to Libyan forces when they finally showed up in the morning. Our great president is the one who said we would hunt them down while we were releasing them.

Senator McCain has said that even though there were U.S. forces nearby, there was no way the military could have intervened, in his opinion, because they were ill-prepared and they were, unbelievably, not in a state of readiness. This administration did not put the forces on alert even though they knew all of this. McCain said he finds this “astounding.” They were not on alert prior to 9/11.

Our men could have and would have met the challenge if allowed to answer the call.

It was well-known that there were hundreds of attacks and warnings prior to 9/11, including a bombing of the mission iself, an attempted assassination of the British Ambassador, and a pullout by the British.

The mission officials pleaded for more security, which had been reduced instead, despite previous attacks and no lack of funds.  Ambassador Stevens’ last heartbreaking message was about his concerns over the serious lack of concern and it included a desperate call for more security.

Catherine Herridge just reported at 11 AM on FoxNews’ Happening Now, that there was constant surveillance over the attack sites sending information directly to the White House, Pentagon, et al in real time.

We know that Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith begged for help when the assault began.

One or two drones were always above the Benghazi consulate and safe house, sending information in real time, which puts the administration’s lies in the fore. The administration did have all information as it was unfolding. They knew it was not over the video and they knew exactly what was happening. They also refused to help the Americans under attack.

The fact that drones were almost immediately over the attack site tells me that the U.S. government was expecting something. Combine that with the fact that forces weren’t on the ready and it leads me to believe that President Obama should resign immediately. This does explain Obama’s weird behavior during the first debate

Panetta said yesterday that the attack in Benghazi moved too fast and information was too sketchy to launch a rescue mission.

“The basic principle is that you don’t deploy forces into harm’s way without knowing what’s going on, without having some real-time information about what’s taking place,” he said. “It was really over before, you know, we had the opportunity to really know what was happening.”

Panetta, disgracefully, said it did not fit in with their 24-hour planning capability.

Tyrone Woods and others went to rescue the people at the mission after hearing their unanswered pleas. They violated orders to not rescue the people in the mission. They courageously raced to help Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith and the others in harm’s way and then were themselves abandoned by our president.

While at the safe house, the SEALs fought gallantly for six hours and twenty minutes before they were killed by a mortar shell. They were in constant radio contact with headquarters.

A lazer on the roof of the safe house and a machine gun was manned by Ty Woods and trained on the attackers launching mortars. It would have provided guidance for any rescue team. Ty Woods was found slumped over his machine gun, firing to the last.

Glen Doherty was killed by a direct mortar shell.

Panetta said yesterday that they didn’t want to put any other American lives in danger but failed to mention these details. Perhaps the White House was afraid of another failed mission such as Carter’s in 1979. It is all about his re-election as we know. He also doesn’t like to offend other countries unless they are our allies.

There was a meeting in the White House during the attack, but we don’t know who attended or what was discussed.

Obama’s first official statement about Benghazi was on Comedy Central last week.

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