Donald Trump BLASTS NY Times’ Fake News Writer Paul Krugman


NY Times writer and economist Paul Krugman has been on a Twitter storm of insults against Donald Trump and anyone who follows him. Krugman’s arrogance knows no bounds – look at the second tweet.

Krugman insinuated on Twitter Friday that a President Donald Trump could purposely allow a terror attack on US soil to improve approval ratings.

He wasn’t done.

Donald Trump blasted Krugman for the 9/11 comments:

“–Who said I wanted to have another world trade center catastrophe because it is good for my face. Think of it? What kind of a demented person would say that? Think of it, thousands of people killed. They said I wanted to have another catastrophe like that because it is good for my face. Anybody that says that, this guys demented, he is a demented person. That is why the times is failing. I would have to seem three weeks ago. I give it a shot. I had a great meeting, everybody said I did great, evident was great. But they will never change. They will never change no matter what you do. They will never change. That is ok. We did well without the. What kind of a demented person would say that? Is incredible. When I saw this and the statistics, I said it must be a typo. This is impossible.”

Good question, “what kind of demented person would say that?” The answer is a top writer for the NY Times! Such is the state of the US media.

The Times just had to give up two floors in their building because they need the rent. They are not doing well and writers like Krugman are the reason.

This sick, sick man intends to use public outrage to destroy Trump.

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