Dorothy Day: Questionable Saint



I think anarchy is natural to the Catholic. The Church is pretty anarchistic, you know. Who pays attention to the Pope or the Cardinals? Conscience is supreme, and that’s why we print it on the front page of our The Catholic Worker monthly paper. The saying of Vatican II is above all ‘Conscience is supreme’. ~ Dorothy Day

Dorothy Day, (November 8, 1897 – November 29, 1980) was an American journalist, social activist, and devout Catholic convert; she advocated the Catholic economic theory of distributism (the Marxist philosophy of “spreading the wealth”). She was a promoter of social justice. Day “believed all states were inherently totalitarian,” and was considered to be an anarchist and did not hesitate to use the term.

In the 1930s, Day worked closely with fellow activist Peter Maurin to establish the Catholic Worker movement, a nonviolent, pacifist movement that continues to combine direct aid for the poor and homeless with nonviolent direct action on their behalf.

The cause for Day’s canonization is open in the Catholic Church, and she is thus formally referred to as a Servant of God. [Wiki]

She cared deeply about the poor and put those thoughts into action. According to The Catholic Worker, she avoided Communism.

There is a political movement to have Dorothy Day declared a Saint, much of it based on her writings and her work with the needy.

Before she found the church, she lived as a Bohemian, believing in free love. She had an abortion which it is said that she later regretted. [Catholic Herald]

She was a consort of communists and anarchists. She was jailed for joining in communist & Anarchist demonstrations on behalf of workers, women’s suffrage, and the rights of the imprisoned.

Once she joined the church, she was “reborn.” She read the Scriptures and prayed the rosary. She started The Catholic Worker. She allegedly gave up her vacillation between totalitarianism and anarchism after she found God.

She was so committed to peace, she would fit in with Code Pink were she alive today.

She told Church leaders in no uncertain terms when she thought they were mistaken in matters of social policy.

When she passed away in 1980 at the age of 83, in the little “House of Hospitality” she shared with the poor, she was highly respected. Pope Paul VI received her for Communion at one of his Masses prior to her death.

There is now a strong political movement being led by The Catholic Worker (The Catholic Worker is not affiliated with the Catholic Church, it is its own organization) and similar groups to have her declared a saint. Sainthood merely means that the person canonized is in heaven with God.

There’s more. The FBI has been conducting surveillance on her group and has referred to them as having a “semi-communistic ideology.” Their views are basically Christian Anarchist.

The front description of  The Catholic Worker used to include a description of themselves as christian anarchist. They took it down but that is their history and underlying philosophy and it was Dorothy Day’s as well.

In the January 1970 issue of The Catholic Worker she declared that the Catholic Worker is “a revolutionary headquarters rather than a Bowery mission, as most newspapers like to picture us.” [Wiki]

The story doesn’t end there. Cardinal Dolan, now being considered as a possible replacement for Pope Benedict is an ardent supporter of her canonization. He has been manipulated by her ardent supporters.

Cardinal Dolan describes himself as a “conservative” while appearing to not be during most of the election because he wanted to remain neutral.

The Noisy Room has a detailed article about Dorothy Day people need to know:

Regarding Dorothy Day’s “flirtation” with the Communist Party (The NY Times said she flirted with Communism and called her a woman of the left), as the Times put it, Carol Byrne told this journalist, “…I have provided proof, drawn from archival evidence and other authentic sources, that even after her conversion to Catholicism, Day became a member of several socialist organizations and was actively involved in political groups (including trade unions) whose founders and leaders were predominantly Communist Party members. She also supported the causes of individual Communists who were in the pay of the Soviet Union.” Read the full story.

The Catholic Church has a very strong far left element and it is causing schisms within the church. Do we really need a saint so badly that we will canonize Dorothy Day, Christian Anarchist.

What could be better for the Communist and Anarchist movement than a Catholic Saint to parade around.

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