Judge Napolitano: Peronist Pope Francis Is Between a Communist and a Marxist


US President Barack Obama welcomes Pope Francis to the White House on September 23, 2015 in Washington,DC. President Barack Obama hosts Pope Francis at the White House for the first time Wednesday, warmly embracing the Catholic pontiff seen as both a moral authority and potent political ally. AFP PHOTO / VINCENZO PINTO (Photo credit should read VINCENZO PINTO/AFP/Getty Images)
US President Barack Obama welcomes Pope Francis to the White House on September 23, 2015 in Washington,DC.

Pope Francis Attends His Weekly Audience In St Peter's Square

Has the left just hijacked Jesus? Read on.

Pope Francis is giving speeches that one might think he would have given in Bolivia or Cuba. He does not condemn them, leftists claim he is condemning the United States and Capitalism. Pope Francis appears to believe Capitalism causes climate change which causes poverty which causes terrorism, which is why you won’t hear much if anything about Christian genocide, terrorism, and the evils of statist governments.

The Pope is wrong. The United States isn’t evil because of Capitalism as the Pope might believe, it’s evil because of the Capitalism that would sell baby’s body parts even after the babies are born alive. It’s the Obama, Hillary, Russia, China government-controlled Capitalism of cronyism. It’s the Capitalism that is not free market Capitalism, it’s the Socialist and Communist distortion of Capitalism.

People who interpret the Pope say he is only talking about unfettered Capitalism and most will agree with him on that, however, he’s not clearly stating that and the leftists in this country are using him to some degree.

Someone needs to tell Pope Francis – who has admitted he hasn’t watched TV in decades and only glances at one paper a day – what real Capitalism is. Pope Francis is taking advice on climate change, to varying degrees, from people like New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, California’s Governor Jerry Brown, Communist Naomi Klein and madmen like Hans Schellnhuber.

Media Matters is ripping apart Conservatives Wednesday, using the Pope to do it.

Pope Francis is not a Progressive, he’s a priest, the Atlantic proclaimed, insinuating that leftist ideals are Christian. The Washington Post blared the news in a bold headline that Pope Francis is not a Marxist but, make no mistake, they warned, he will call out the world’s leading capitalist power.

Conservatives fear the “social-justice minded” pope wrote Yahoo news.

“Social Justice” by definition is Marxism.

Welfare is over half our budget now. It’s not enough? Apparently not.

Pope Francis with Marxist
Evo Morales, President of Bolivia

Pope Francis has characterized the dominant economic form in the developed world as “an economy that kills.” In a speech delivered in Bolivia, a country under the command of a Communist president, the pope seemed – in a Marxist vein – to be calling on the poor to seize power from the wealthy and take command of their own lives.

This isn’t Marxism we are told. It’s the Catholic Church’s social justice views which have existed since the beginning of the church’s formation. If that’s true, my grandparents are rolling in their graves. This is not what the church taught in my humble opinion, as a Catholic who underwent Catholic education for 13 years. This is a new interpretation. We are being told to believe Marxism isn’t Marxism, it’s Christ’s teachings.

The church has always has its left and right. It is now left, but, as a Catholic, I don’t have to follow these preachings because the Pope has not categorized this as a doctrine of faith and morals.

Pope Francis is not a liberal, the Pope says of himself. In fact, he chuckles over the idea. He’s not a liberal Democrat either, he just happens to have the same agenda as the far left of the Democratic party as Christ would.

He’s really speaking for Jesus, leftists tell us. Jesus was a leftist Democrat 2,000 years ago I guess.

In reference to climate change, Pope Francis said Wednesday that this is a “critical moment” and called it a problem that “can no longer be left to a future generation.”

“When it comes to the care of our ‘common home’, we are living at a critical moment of history. We still have time to make the changes needed to bring about “a sustainable and integral development, for we know that things can change” (Laudato Si’, 13). Such change demands on our part a serious and responsible recognition not only of the kind of world we may be leaving to our children, but also to the millions of people living under a system which has overlooked them. Our common home has been part of this group of the excluded which cries out to heaven and which today powerfully strikes our homes, our cities and our societies. To use a telling phrase of the Reverend Martin Luther King, we can say that we have defaulted on a promissory note and now is the time to honor it.”

Rush Limbaugh has a soundbite included below from one talking head who insists the Pope is not a Marxist, he’s just a Christian.

Are these the same “Christians” the left has clearly hated for decades? They don’t even like God. Remember when they voted to take God out of the DNC platform and booed when he was put back in anyway?

The United States is on the top of everyone’s list when you want to define “goodness” but not for the left.

Listen to the soundbite on how this is “the work of Jesus Christ.”

The Pope harshly criticized the faux systemic anti-black America.

Judge Napolitano said on Varney & Co:

“I am sighing because the Holy Father is a challenge for traditionalist Roman Catholics, of which I am one. Particularly, traditionalists who came of age under John Paul II and then under Benedict XVI. Who, though they had impulses that were not exactly Ayn Rand on capitalism, were far more into philosophy and theology, and far less into the economy … This particular Pope, who has proclaimed himself a Peronist, is somewhere between a communist with a lowercase “c” and a Marxist with an uppercase “M.” At the same time he is trying to be a Roman Catholic — uppercase “R,” uppercase “C.”


The Pope is infallible on faith in morals. Thank God it is just limited to faith and morals because he is, he is — he sounds like a left-wing professor at the London School of Economics when he blames the mass migration on economic inequality.”



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