Massachusetts Delays Common Core for Two Years, There’s Still Time


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The Massachusetts Board of Education decided to delay implementation of Common Core for two years while it compares the ‘Common Core aligned Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests to their existing—and widely praised—Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) exam.’

Massachusetts believes, as we all should, that this is coming on way too quickly to make sense.

via Heritage

Former Governor Bill Weld signed the Education Reform Act in 1993. At its 10th anniversary,90 percent of Massachusetts students passed their MCAS exams. SAT scores in the state rose for 13 consecutive years following the passage, and according to the National Assessment for Educational Progress report, Massachusetts students have led the nation in overall achievement for nearly every grade level.

While achievement gains in Massachusetts have leveled off in recent years, the Bay State continues to lead the nation in math and reading proficiency. Massachusetts’s fourth- and eighth-grade students exceed the national average of students reaching proficiency by nearly 10 percentage points for both reading and mathematics.

Common Core proponents argue that the national standards will have the same effect as Massachusetts’s rigorous standards did for the state’s achievement levels. But that’s unlikely.

That makes 15 states pushing back against Common Core. There is still time for your state to drop out. You must take a stand now, tomorrow is too late!

Fore more information about Common Core and how to get started in getting your state to push back, CLICK HERE.

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