Obama Is No Wizard


Obama and Wormtongue2

Perhaps President Obama has been in a stupor and was getting his counsel from Wormtongue?

The way Mr. Obama has addressed our non-involvement in the Syrian Civil War is unlike anything we have ever seen coming out of US foreign policy but we never had a community organizer in charge of foreign policy before.

Mr. Obama ignored the situation in Syria for two years. In those two years, Al Qaeda involvement in Syria has risen from hundreds of fighters to thousands according to John McCain who addressed the issue yesterday after meeting with President Obama.

Mr. Obama recently agreed to send small arms to the rebels in Syria though it is widely accepted that money we gave to countries like Saudi Arabia was used to purchase weapons for the rebels. The arms have not reached the rebels yet, in part because the CIA is having problems finding non-jihadis to hand them over to. (WSJ)

Obama said that if the regime used chemical weapons, it would be his red line. Obama ignored the crossing of the red line for the last three months.

It appears that the regime has used chemical weapons at least three times though we have to take the administration’s word for it. Some believe the rebels are firing the chemical weapons.

After deliberating for months, Obama sent warships to the region. He told the enemy what he was going to do and where he was going to do it. Mr. Obama is transparent with our enemies.

Mr. Obama then asked the UN and NATO to join his coalition. Only France agreed.

Mr. Obama said he could act on his own. Then he decided to go to Congress instead. He has been meeting with Republicans oddly enough.

His policy is evolving.

He has handled the situation badly to date, do we trust him to handle a war well?

Anyone who hasn’t noticed that Obama is without a clue has been in a coma.

His Syria policy is an indecisive, confused mess and it will be costly. The one shot across the bow that Obama is asking for will only help Mr. Obama restore his image. Obama doesn’t care about the Syrians, he wants to save face.

Republicans have an issue here in which most Americans are opposed to going into Syria and, same as they did with Obamacare, they are not pushing back and are going along with the president.

President Obama could possibly be the first Nobel Peace Prize winner to get us into World War III. It’s possible.


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