Shall We Vote for An Adult Who Met Reagan Once?


John Kasich
John Kasich, the mailman’s son, is now being promoted by the establishment. He could win his home state and if he stays in the race until the convention, it could lead to the brokered convention the RINOs want. The RINOs would rather let Hillary and the socialists win than let Trump or Cruz win.

Kasich is staying in the race as a spoiler and he has no chance of winning.

Kasich stands off to the end of the debate stage pretending he’s above the fray because he’s just too adult. There is no doubt that if he went up against Hillary Clinton she would chew him up and spit him out. He would run the same exact campaign run by John McCain and Mitt Romney. He’d let her get away with it all and stick with his boring talking points.

The mailman’s boy has not won a state but he’s counting – as is Rubio – on a brokered convention even though it will blow up the Republican Party. It will allow Hillary and her socialists to ascend to the throne and, with Obama staying in DC for four more years, they will entrench the socialist government. She will choose the Supreme Court Justices from the left and we will lose our First and Second Amendments.

Kasich is the RINOs path to socialism. It’s not that they want socialism, it’s that they want anything that will preserve their power.

The son of a mailman has a history of RINOism. He expanded Medicaid and he’s a Common Core supporter who pretends he’s against Obamacare and Common Core.

Michelle Malkin slammed him at CPAC Friday for his support of the Core, ignoring the peoples’ will.

“My job is not to tell people what they want to hear, but what they need to hear. We just had Gov. John Kasich, a nice guy by all means, who last night during the debate, pretended that he was on the side of local control,” Malkin said.

“Ohio grassroots activists and moms know better. This is a man who smeared home schoolers and teachers.”

On Sean Hannity’s radio show he said he’s a “big Reagan person” and he’s not establishment. The establishment hates him, he claimed. What establishment would that be? The conservative establishment? He boasted that Fox’s news pollster Frank Luntz’s panel switched to him after the debate because he was the adult in the room.

Kasich thinks that every issue raised by the debate moderators last night has taken place in Ohio. With every issue that came up, he claimed he did that in Ohio. Then he said he met Reagan once. “And I’ll leave it right there with what comes after that. You can figure that one out,” Kasich said mysteriously.

Did you know he was part of the Reagan revolution? He’s as much a part of that as Al Sharpton was part of the MLK Jr. revolution.

Trump has been tweeting that he met Reagan twice and has photos to prove it. Maybe we should vote for him instead.

Every time Kasich speaks he is the parody of the gabby politician who has nothing to say.

Is John Kasich the adult or the creepy uncle?


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