Tea Party Types Killed Kennedy – Not the Communist – Just Ask the WaPo



The Washington Post published an article by a man named Bill Minutaglio who attempts to rewrite history in his piece by declaring the atmosphere that led to JFK’s death in Dallas in 1963 was Tea Party-ish. He is not saying the Tea Party killed Kennedy, just that the Tea Party has its roots in 1963 Dallas.

I have never seen a more unfairly vilified group of people in my life. Having gone to rallies with the Tea Party, I can’t say I have seen racism or hate. Do they think Mr. Obama is a socialist, yes, probably most do, but so do I.

Actually, Progressives, which is what Mr. Obama is, are more statist than socialists. He is consuming the powers of Congress in a lawless way. That is not open to question. It’s fact.

I don’t think the Tea Party is perfect and have my own reasons for not joining but it’s certainly not because I find them vile, angry people. They’re from what I can see, traditionalists who love their country, the Constitution and limited government.

Mr. Minutaglio starts his angry article out this way:

The president is a socialist. He is neutering the United States on the world stage. He is spending us into bankruptcy. He is hellbent on expanding national health care, which will surely lead to government death panels.

He is advancing big-government agendas everywhere from Main Street to Wall Street. And do we really know the truth about his personal history and religion?

Perhaps the man in the Oval Office should be impeached — even tried for treason.

If today’s extremist rhetoric sounds familiar, that’s because it is eerily, poignantly similar to the vitriol aimed squarely at John F. Kennedy during his presidency…

He takes facts about Mr. Obama in the aforementioned quotes and makes them into an absurdity in an attempt to neuter dissent and honest fact-finding. Alinsky would be proud.

You know what? We’re past that. Mr. Obama is a man of the far, far-left. That is out in the open now and you are not crazy for thinking it’s the case.

Mr. M, the author of the crazy piece, further states:

In 1963, that strident minority hijacked the civic dialogue and brewed the boiling, toxic environment waiting for Kennedy the day he died.

Now, mind you, the only extremists are on the right according to people like Mr. M. Leftists can’t be extreme you see, get that through your head.

I once was friends with a CBS reporter. He was a man of the left. One day, we got into an argument and his final words to me were, ‘It’s impossible for anyone on the left to be extreme, only those on the right are extreme.’ My last words to him were, ‘Are you serious? Goodbye.’ I never heard from him again, but my point is this, most on the left believe that.

Take a look at Congress now. Most of the Democrats are very far left. There are few mainstream Democrats left and the few that do remain fall into line.

Mr. M ignores the fact that much of Texas was Democratic. The governor who was wounded in Dallas that day, Governor Connolly, was a Democrat.  There was indeed a lot of rancor between parties and there was a lot of talk about how dangerous it might be for the president to go to Dallas. The truth is that Kennedy was greeted by throngs of cheering Texans who welcomed him. None of that rancor was at all realized.

What did happen is that a Communist, an avowed, indisputably Communist, Lee Harvey Oswald, shot Kennedy and Connolly. Whether there were others involved, we will probably never know, but that fact is certain.

Last time I looked, the Tea Party wanted nothing to do with Big Government Communists and their collective and they aren’t running around assassinating anybody either.

Mr. M’s article mentions publisher Ted Dealey who felt Kennedy was weak and said so at a luncheon at the Kennedy White House. Dealey also approved an anti-Kennedy ad on November 22, 1963. It was campaign time and Dealey didn’t like Kennedy.  Mr. M would have us believe that this is proof of a hate campaign that led to the assassination.

Dealey was anti-Communist like Kennedy and he was anti-KKK. He had nothing in common with Oswald and Oswald didn’t abide by Mr. Dealey’s advice or he would have abandoned his communist ideals because of anything Mr. Dealey said or wrote.

Mr. M. mentions Dealey’s McCarthy affiliation but fails to mention JFK’s McCarthy affiliation in the 1940’s.

Mr. M. mentions a pastor and an oil baron who didn’t like Kennedy either. This is from a man – Mr. M – of the left whose side is constantly flagellating Republicans, Bush, Tea Party people, Conservatives, religious people, Sarah Palin, and a whole host of others.

Mr. M. goes on to discuss some other nut job who had nothing to do with the assassination or communism.

The best part of the article is when he likens Ted Cruz to the nuts in Dallas in 1963. All Mr. Cruz wants is for people to follow the Constitution and go back to limited government and free markets. He’s not the radical, Mr. M and his ilk are.

But here is where it is most interesting, in the entire article about JKF’s assassination, there is not one mention of the murderer’s name or the fact that communism killed Kennedy, a man who hated Communists.

Bill Minutaglio

The photo above is of the humble Mr. M who has a website in which he has the following posted by a very liberal publication: “Bill Minutaglio has long been regarded as one of the great writers in Texas journalism … Minutaglio wrote exquisite long-form pieces about Texas poverty in a time of plenty” —The Austin American-Statesman

He may be all that, but he can’t claim to be unbiased. He knows nothing of the Tea Party and I’m sure he doesn’t care to find out anything about who they really are.

I was going to ignore him because he deserves to be ignored but the leftists are running with his story line and it is such utter nonsense, I felt compelled to post something.


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