While Media Lies About Trump, Vets Should Look at the VA as If It Were Disneyland


Robert McDonald

The hack who runs the VA, VA Secretary McDonald, says the wait times at the Veterans Affairs Administration are like Disneyland and it’s more about the quality of service when they are actually seen [if they live long enough]. This administration is living in lala land.

Watch as this veteran explains what is really going on and what McDonald’s job really is.

Last November, Hillary said (despite the fact that vets provably died waiting for the VA to help them) that the problem was not “widespread” and Republicans are exaggerating to score points.

As Charles Krauthammer said the Democrats will never give the vets the ability to go to facilities other than the VA because it gives them choice which they are opposed to.

He should have also mentioned that the leftist unions own the Democrats.

Listen to the Scarborough-Bzrezinski report from November on this link. You must watch it – it’s horrific.

The media is ignoring the VA disaster but can’t post enough about the VA lie about Trump.

The media – all of them – have been reporting that Donald Trump collected far less than $6 million and hasn’t donated much of it.

The truth is that Trump collected almost $6 million and has donated most of it with more donations coming in – when people pledge, they don’t necessarily hand it right over.

Donald responded on Twitter and Instagram.

A suggestion for the dishonest media.

A video posted by Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

It’s absolutely DISGUSTING what is going on at the VA.

WTH! $10B VA Program Is Worse Than Before

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