Obama Gets Ringing Endorsement from al-Qaeda Terrorist, Wow! Fabulous!



I was impressed with Obama’s endorsements from the Communist Party USA, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro’s daughter et al but this latest endorsement is fabulous. A Sharia’h -loving, Islamic terrorist, who is tied to Osama bin Laden, Hassan al-Turabi, has endorsed Obama for the U.S. presidency.

He’s really happy about Obama’s “gentle words” towards Muslims. I think he should have said towards Muslim terrorists. All of us have “gentle words” for normal Muslims.

Obama is so gentle, isn’t he? He doesn’t water board or capture any longer, he just drops drones on them and vaporizes them. How gentle.

The reality is that the terrorists like Obama because he’s weak.

English Alarabiya

“You know what ‘Baraka’ means in Arabic? Blessing,” says veteran Islamist leader Hassan al-Turabi, who is linked to al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in the 1990s.

Turabi told AFP news agency that he hopes U.S. President Barack Obama will win a second term on Tuesday.

“Obama of course,” Turabi said when asked about his U.S. presidential preference during an interview.

“He’s gentle towards the Muslims generally,” Turabi said, and referred to Obama’s childhood spent in Muslim-majority Indonesia, and his Kenyan father who was raised a Muslim.

Obama uses the word “terrorism” far less than his predecessor George W. Bush, and his name is a variant of the Arabic word “Baraka,” Turabi said.

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