Freedom Is In the Eyes of the Beholder in the US


arresting an 80-year old pries photo of Father Norman Weslin being arrested

Do you really believe you are free?

It took decades for us to find Kermit Gosnell, but we found one pro-life priest immediately.

Going back to 2009, Notre Dame said pro-lifers would not be allowed to protest on the campus and they would be arrested prior to Barack Obama’s commencement address.

We won’t monitor late-term abortion clinics despite the evidence of corruption so glaringly in-our-face during the Gosnell trial, but we will monitor pro-lifers peacefully demonstrating on the grounds of a Catholic university.

In this video, the 80-year old priest was arrested at Notre Dame for protesting the radically pro-abortion President Obama’s visit. This isn’t right. He is a frail 80-year old priest and consider how they are treating him. I don’t care how you feel about abortion, you have to look askance at this.